Country music has taken many twists, and turns in recent years that it can be tempting to forget why it came to be, what it is, and sometimes, what it really sounds like.

Songs like Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way, and Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes have resonated deeply, especially in recent years. Our goal at SCC is to discover, and share artists that #KeepItCountry through their heartfelt lyrics, song arrangements, and instrumentation, the authenticity of their narrative, unabashed love for the genre, and acknowledgement, and gratitude for those that paved the way.

Some of the artists we play are on small independent record labels, others are on a major, but have yet to garner broad commercial success. Others are singer/songwriters self-releasing their works.


We have even found incredibly talented artists that only have a YouTube Channel with homemade recordings, and videos.  Regardless of where they are in their respective careers, there is a common thread that holds them together-a passion for country music.


If we are able to introduce you to an artist, and songs that you like, then we've done our jobs.

But, we also ask for a deeper level of commitment as most performers are dependent on records merchandise, and concert ticket sales to eke out a living.


Support these artists! Repost their events via social media, and share your love of the music with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Spread the love, pay it forward, so that they can continue making the great music we love so much.