Community Rules & Governing Policy

 Stone Cold Country is a country music website dedicated to the advancement of traditional country music.

The contents of this site shared in the member pages are not to be reproduced in any way shape or form without our written consent. You can request such permission by filling out the web form here. What follows are the rules of engagement for the Stone Cold Country website.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to use this site

  • We expressly prohibit content that displays or promotes drug use, nudity, and profanity.

  • Any content that violates our stated policy will be taken down

  • If violations continue your membership will be terminated

  • We encourage all members to connect with each other in a civil, and respectful manner

  • We encourage you to post concert pics, videos,your original work, and anything you would like to share with other members.

  • We prohibit spamming members with solicitations

  • We do encourage you to post a business card or a list of your services, after which members can make the decision to connect or not.

  • Chat rooms are for mature, respectful interactions

  • Members that post lewd comments, content or interact in such a way via chat or by any other means will be suspended for 30 days.

  • If the violation continues your membership will be terminated

  • Due to the different tiers of membership some pages are password protected

  • We do not allow sales of any type on our website other than SCC merchandise in our gift shop, and our membership packages

  • You may list your website links to product, and services

We are dedicated to creating a safe space where traditional country music fans can discuss, and sharer our passion for the music. Additionally, we encourage you to share any PG hobbies, and interests, questions, non adult requests, and news. We appreciate you, and can't wait to see how you will contribute to the community.