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9 Things You Didn't Know About Stetson Walker

Updated: Jan 18

You may not be 100% familiar with the name Stetson Walker, but trust me, you will be. Hot off of his top 20 Texas hit “Down To One Key”, his latest single “That’s When The Party Starts” is already making its way up the Texas charts. If you are a fan of new traditional country music, I would strongly urge you to pick up this Texas Gentleman's debut CD “Let Me Introduce You”. 

And while you are listening to Stetson’s knockout debut chew on these 9 amazing facts about Stetson that will leave you speechless.

1) Talent seems to run in his gene pool! His maternal Grandfather, who is  from South Carolina is credited in the book Texas Rhythm, Texas Rhyme as having brought bluegrass music to Texas with his band Grassfire wow.

2) This is so cool!

John Wayne is somewhere in Stetson Walker's gene pool! His grandmother who wrote a book on genealogy uncovered this interesting connection.                                                                                                                                           

3) Did you know that Stetson has his very own special day in Texas? By proclamation in the Texas state capitol,March 14th was named Stetson Walker Day. Additionally, Stetson was added to the list of notable Texans that contributed to the musical history of Texas. Well alright!

4) Stetson has a  big ole heart, and shows it by contributing to lots of charities. One near, and dear to his heart is New Day, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's a benefit for homeless children.

5) And how about the cutest member of the family? He has a great pyrenees named Elvis, from a litter he saved when they were around a month old from a farmer. Stetson cleaned them up and made sure they all got good homes, and kept the smallest of the pack, Elvis. He’s 110 pounds and taller than Stetson himself standing up! May is Elvis’s birth month and he’s currently 7 years old. 

6) Stetson says “Southern Accent” from Tom Petty left an indelible mark. He further explains that he closely identifies with the song’s message. No doubt due to that charming Texas drawl.

7) Did you know. Floyd Domino, the original piano player for Strait’s band, changed Stetson’s diapers. Boy that’s something that won’t find its way onto most resumes!

8) With all this sudden success, you would think Stetson’s head is wrapped in a tailspin holding on for dear life! Well, not so, Stetson is incredibly grounded, and wise despite only being in his early 20's. So what is important to Stetson right now? Relationships! Honesty in his relationships, and building lasting connections is tops.

Stetson Walker & Wade Bowen

9) She’s One of Those, one of his favorite songs off the album, written by Mark Nestler, Tim Nichols and Tony Martin, who also wrote Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw.

Request Stetson's latest single "That's When The Party Starts" at your local radio station, and stream it here.   

Stetson's Twitter

Stetson's Website      


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