COMING IN HOT: Our Country Music Picks July 2020

Updated: Oct 11

We listen to bucket loads of country music for our #StoneColdCountry show.

Here we've rounded up what we feel was the very best the month of July had to offer.

If you think we missed one let us know. It is our hope that you will add at least some of these to your Spotify playlists, and share across your social media accounts. And hey, if you want to tag us, go right ahead. We love hearing from y'all. Twitter:@StoneColdCtry or use the chat box below.

Ken Mellons just released a couple of cuts from his forthcoming album y'all. And, if the rest of the album is this good, it will certainly be my favorite album of the year! So far, the songs are straight shots of 100% hardcore country.. Ah, just makes our heart sing.

  • Artist:Ken Mellons

  • Song:When it Comes to Losin’ You

  • @KenMellons

  • Buy it here

We're so happy to see a new one from Randy Travis!

  • Artist:Randy Travis

  • Song:Fool’s Love Affair

  • @randytravis

  • Buy it here

Scott Southworth had been keeping it country for decades now. We love the way he infuses a healthy dose of humor in some of his music. This is his latest release, and it is stone cold country.

  • Artist:Scott Southworth

  • Song:Steel Guitars & Broken Hearts

  • @SayhowdyScott

  • Buy it here

Oklahoma artists have a distinctive style in the same way Texas does, but awesomely different..They are almost always somewhere between Traditional Country, and Americana. Maybe that's why they have their own genre Red Dirt.I love the steel guitar, and tasty guitar licks throughout the album. Check it out.

  • Artist:Doc Fell

  • Song:Fragile

  • @DocfellCo

  • Buy it here

Kendall hails from Louisiana, and came up on our radar back in 2018 with his EP "The Traditional Revival". We are really chompin' at the bit waiting for a new EP or better yet, full length album..sigh.. But until that happens here's his latest epic single. Lawd it's George Jones good! Give it a spin.

  • Artist:Kendall Shaffer

  • Song:Ghosts

  • @kshaffercountry

  • Buy it here

Addison is a new one for us here. Hailing from North Carolina. His music is a cross between traditional Bakersfield sound country and some bluegrass.. At least, that's the way we hear it. He's got two albums under his belt. His latest album is Cherokee Blues.

  • Artist:Addision Johnson

  • Song:Rollin’ Stolen

  • @AddisionJohnson

  • Stream it here:

Moe Bandy has a new one y'all! It always warms our heart when we see a legend still putting out hardcore country music. He also has a new autobiography out. Give this one a spin!

  • Artist: Moe Bandy

  • Song: City Lights

  • Website:

  • Twitter: @moebandy

  • Buy it here

A gospel singer hailing from South Carolina, it's no wonder that Josh Turner is able to deliver a wonderful cover of a Keith Whitley song. His album "Country State Of Mind" comes out August 21st.

  • Artist:Josh Turner

  • Song:No Stranger to The Rain

  • @joshturnermusic

  • Buy it here

Artist hailing from Oklahoma. His latest single "Girl from a Song" is out now!

  • Artist:J.R Carroll

  • Song:Girl from a Song

  • @JRCarroll128

  • Buy it here

Hailing from Alabama. Their latest single is "One More."

  • Artist:Sundown Saddlers

  • Song:One More

  • @SundownSaddlers

  • Buy it here

Hails from Ohio. "Whiskey, Women & Me" is his latest single. Give it a listen.

  • Artist:Von Kiss

  • Song:Whiskey, Women & Me

  • @vonnkiss

  • Buy it here

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