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#ComingInHot: March Picks

The flow of good music continues to trickle in from Texas, and Nashville. And summer is suppose to bring a torrential downpour of new releases. With that being said, we wanted to share some of our recent discoveries that have put a smile on our face.


Loretta Lynn's decidedly Carter Family feel on her latest release "Still Woman Enough" was a surprise. The release was produced by Loretta's daughter Patsy, and June & Johnny's only son John which explains a lot. Of course, my personal favorite is Honky Tonk Girl which was Loretta's debut 1960 single. You can read more about Loretta's incredible start here. Loretta said this album is a tribute to the women of country music. She is joined by Reba, and Carrie.


Another solid record came by way of Jamie Richards. It's nice to listen through to an album, and genuinely like every song. Themes of love, hard times, and finding happiness are welcome narratives that fuel empathy, and hope from someone who has been there., and lived to tell.

Brad Howard, Clay Page, and Dwain Messer are three different sounds coming out of Nashville. Brad who has more of a honky tonk traditional country sound, slows it down a little on this new release. But he closes out with a two step-in' dream titled "Could You Please Call Sometimes" which was on his previous album. Excellent choice!

Former American Idol contestant Clay Page puts a contemporary spin on backwoods kind of country, but still keeps it pretty real, thankfully. And Dwain Messer's music is what modern country could sound like with well crafted songs. Dwain's vocals have just enough twang, and soul to keep you listening. I can certainly hear why Robert K. Oermann from Music Row magazine said Dwain was !the past, present, and future of country music.."

We close out this month's picks with John Arthur Martinez. John hails from Austin and is truly keeping Western swing alive all over the world! From Nashville, to Paris, and Switzerland, and back home to Texas, he is making the world a better place through music.

John's 2019 release is chock full of originals, but John also pays tribute to some of the greats like Fred Rose, and Bob Wills. We hope you enjoy these selections, and please click the buy link, and support new traditional country music.

Also let us know, if we missed one. We always have our ear to the ground for traditional country music. Use this form to send your suggestions or use our chat box, cheers!


Jamie Richards- The Real Deal


Loretta Lynn-Still Woman Enough


Brad Howard-Dark and Dusk


Clay Page- Somewhere In Between


Dwain Messer-Goes So Fast


John Arthur Martinez- For The Love of Western Swing

JAM Records (John Arthur Martinez Records)


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