Five Things You Didn't Know About Jesse Ebaugh

Jesse Ebaugh is what many would consider Austin's best kept secret. His song craftsmanship, and top shelf playing chops are formidable. Surely his time playing bluegrass, and in the top 10 rock band Heartless Bastards have not hurt. With Jesse's current project The Tender Things, he is not only paying homage to 70's country rock, and the Bakersfield sound, he is also carving out an interesting, and compelling modern traditional country niche. Truly, it is one of the few ways one can describe such a carefully blended kaleidoscope of sounds. The Tender Things don't fit neatly into any music genre to be completely honest.

There is audibly a strong traditional country music influence permeating most of the songs on "How You Make a Fool". I'm literally awestruck on how Jesse is able to make everything work while avoiding a cacophonic train wreck. I am a hardcore traditionalist, but greatly admire an artist's unique spin on the founding sounds of yesteryear. I think Jesse does a great job forging his own musical territory with genuine respect, and skill.

If you have not heard my interview with Jesse you can listen to it here.

Here are five things you might not know about this country rocking poet.

1) Did you know Jesse was in the Kentucky based Kenton County Regulators bluegrass band? Jesse shared during our interview that The Tender Things "How you Make a Fool" album is almost a tribute to the phenomenon band he is proud to have been part of... And actually, they still jam from time to time. Here is Jesse on Bass back in the early days.

2) Fix Me a song from The Tender Things latest album “How You Make a Fool” is an open apology to his wife who has stood by him through all the ups, and downs.

3) Like many, Jesse has had his bouts with the bottle. Unlike many, he has lived to tell. Jesse lives a healthy lifestyle that includes hiking, and swimming. He shared that one of the most unfortunate ways the pandemic touched him is the inability to go to the YMCA to swim everyday.

4t) Jesse was raised on a farm in central Pennsylvania, and remembers the awesome musical gatherings they had. One of his first musical experiences as a child was playing the harmonica.

It was such a big thrill for him to be able to participate as a kid alongside the adults.

5) You might not know what led Jesse to quit drinking. Jesse came to a crossroads in his life. He knew moving forward meant kicking the bottle. Once he came to this epiphany of sorts it became easy for him to stop. One of the greatest gifts of overcoming addiction was gaining his memories. The singer/songwriter shares that he ran wild for many years, and found it challenging to recall details of certain events. In sobriety, he has successfully recovered many memories that contribute to his artistry.


If you have not heard my interview with Jesse you can listen to it here.

And check out his music here

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