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Ken Mellons: Living Proof

Updated: Apr 18

I had a chance to chat with Honky Tonk legend Ken Mellons: The Jukebox Junkie.

Ken was deeply influenced by Keith Whitley, but unlike most of us, he was fortunate enough to meet the Kentucky Bluebird early in his budding career. Keith placed his stamp of approval on Ken when he told him, he had one of the best voices he ever heard.

This was after Ken had been turned down at an audition in Nashville. He took those words to heart, and went on to sell over 1 million copies of Jukebox Junkie. He also won multiple songwriting awards, and toured with George Jones!

Those of us that have loved Ken's music for over two decades can tell you that the Jukebox Junkie sure knows how to sing a tear jerkin' stone cold country song. His latest release "Perfect Place For The Blues" finds Ken's voice in top form with a deeply heartfelt delivery. Echoes of Whitley, and Vern throughout. Ken's voice is akin to a fine wine that gets better with time.

In this podcast episode, we talk about one of my favorite subjects Lefty Frizzell. We also talk about the current state of country music, and how we can potentially move forward. Ken said this was one of the most fun interviews he's done.

Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe, and spread the best music around by sharing this episode with your friends, and family. Let's keep the music alive!

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