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The Ray Scott Interview

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

For the month of August, it is our pleasure to bring to you the musical magic of Ray Scott! His accomplishments are as wide, and varied as the subjects, and emotions in his music. From his major label debut, and billboard hits to playing at the mother church the Grand Ole Opry an unprecedented 64 times! Somehow, Ray has retained his small town charm, and lyrical honesty. Whether it's the painful ethos of divorce or a visit to the Tijuana jail, it's all in there. It is all in his music illustrated in poetic prose, and wrapped in a blanket of danceable rhythms just waiting for your shuffling feet.

Ray's musical genius is rare, especially in country/americana music. He can make you cry, laugh, and smile sometimes all in the same song. He's a musical magician, his wand is a pen, but there are no tricks here. Just a talented singer/songwriter talking about his life, and a long the way, sprinkling some hope on us all. That's gold..


  • Taste of Country named Ray one of the “18 Country Singers Proving Traditional Country Is Alive & Well”

  • Guitar For Sale Debuted at #30 on the Country Album Sales Chart, #28 on the independent Albums Chart and #12 Heatseekers All-Genre Chart — All Billboard Charts

  • Ray has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry over 60 times

  • “Those Jeans” sold over 300,000 singles

  • 4 #1 Hits in the UK & “Drinkin’ Beer” was the 2015 UK Song of the Year

  • “My Kind of Music” was the #1 country album on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart

  • Over 3.8 Million views on his YouTube Channel

  • Over 9.54 Million streams & 58.8k monthly streams on Spotify

  • #48 on the 2020 Pollstar Top 100 Livestreamers Chart

  • American Songwriter named “Nowhere Near Done” EP as one of their top albums of 2020.


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