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Elijah Ocean: The Interview

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

The Elijah Ocean Interview.


New Traditionalist Elijah Ocean Talks About Paying His Dues, Recovering From COVID19 Twice, and The Move to Nashville



New traditional country from neotraditionalist Elijah Ocean. In this deep dive interview, we talk about his latest album Born Blue, which is an impressive nod to 80's, and 90's country. Who can write a song about talking to an ice machine, and make it sound as earnest as a Sunday Choir? Elijah spins tales of heartbreak, loneliness, and regret in the decidedly honky tonk tradition,where we two step our pain away.Why is Elijah not in Texas?

Some of the highlights of our talk include the time in L.A., and New York paying his dues, picking berries, near homelessness, and contracting COVID19 twice! The move to Nashville, and getting a fresh start, and a new lease on life is also talked about. Additionally, we take a closer look at Elijah's musical heroes, and his song writing process. Of course, we liked Elijah even more when he agreed with us on the tremendous legacy of Lefty Frizzell, and Vern Gosdin.

Based in Nashville for now, Elijah can be found playing from California to Nashville, and parts in between. He is a songwriter's songwriter, and takes much inspiration from his own life. For the traditional country music fan, there is much to like about Born Blue. It will keep you dancing, and maybe feeling a little bit better about the one that got away. Get to know why Elijah Ocean's latest album is a step forward for traditional country.



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