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#OnTheBrink: The Bernie Nelson Interview I & II

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We've been on the road y'all! But we set some time aside to talk to Multi Platinum Singer-Songwriter Bernie Nelson. Bernie has a career that spans three decades with enviable milestones, and achievements to boot. Anna, and I were struck by his laid back humbleness, and passion for the craft of songwriting. The latter is front, and center with his songwriting workshops "Weekend at Bernie's. Some of y'all will get the pop culture reference there. 😃

Unlike the Bernie in the movie, Bernie Nelson is alive, and well, and is still racking up hits with two recent Texas No. Ones by way of Kin Faux, and Kyle Parks!

Not that having cuts on platinum selling albums are not awesome enough on its own you know. It's just that Bernie has much to write about, sounds great, and is proactively helping aspiring artists, and established artists reach new heights through his Weekend at Bernie;s workshops.

Now based in Texas, Bernie has a new album coming out, hopefully

before the hollidays. You'll get a sneak peak at some of the amazing songs that will be included on this much anticipated release. We lost track of time, and spoke for nearly two hours, so we'll have to split this one up in two sections y'all. The first installment will be live by 11:59 PM on Friday. You can listen on any of your favorite streaming platforms or just bookmark this page, and hear it right here. Bernie had some fascinating stories to tell, and sounds like he is really loving Texas.


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The Bernie Nelson Interview Part One


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