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Jamie Richards: The Real Deal Part I & II

Updated: Jan 29

One of the few holding the torch high for Traditional Country music.

Hot off of the heels of one of his biggest career hits, Twang, Jamie Richards shows no signs of slowing down. With a professional career that started in Nashville in the 90s, Jamie’s worked with several of the top major labels. But it was his Curb Records debut in 2001 that got things going for our September featured artist Jamie Richards.

There is so much to love about Jamie’s soul searing vocals, but Jamie is also an accomplished songwriter whose songs have been covered by Walt Wilkins, Ken Mellons, and Kevin Fowler to name a few. Jamie has also written with the very best hall of fame songwriters known to the world. Dean Dillon, Larry Cordle, Rory Burch, and Jim Rushing are just a few of the notables that have broken bread with the near legendary honky tonker.


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In this two part reflective interview, Jamie takes us back to the very beginning, his parent’s dairy farm, the big tent revivals, and the paying your dues decade in Nashville. This is an up, and close view of an artist that has never compromised his musical integrity. Jamie Richards is among only a select few that still remain proudly, and lovingly holding the torch high for traditional country music, and we are all better for it. Check out installment I of this two part series.

For fans of 90’s country!




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