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#OnTheBrink: The Addison Johnson Interview Part One & Two

Nashville based Singer/Songwriter Addison Johnson's  Dark Side of the Mountain.
Addison Johnson




Our monthly podcast highlight artists that our listeners feel are in some way preserving country music, AND adding to its future viability, Addison Johnson certainly checks both boxes. Originally from North Carolina, Addison draws from a rich cultural heritage that includes fishing, Nascar, and basketball. Old fashion values, and motifs are evident throughout his songwriting, and earnest vocal delivery.

But I personally believe it is Addison's ability to create descriptive, and engaging narratives that draws the listener in. For example, "Rollin' Stolen" Addison shared is about a conversation he had with a police officer friend. The songwriter zeroed in on one key phrase that set the tone for the entire song!

Cumberland River 58 tells the tale of a budding songwriter who sleeps with the wrong groupie, and ends up in the bottom of the river. Addison Johnson really has a knack for the narrative songwriting style, and reminds me a little of one of my favorite songwriters Chris Knight.. Though less dead bodies are evident in his art, but I'm sure he'll get there..😁😁

These stories are a welcome escape from the familiarity of every day life. And I can certainly see how a long hard day of work can be relieved with three chords, and three minutes of Addison's music. However, I was hooked by Addison's music when I heard "Already Been Through". The song's timing, emotional delivery, and ruthless honesty was jarring. During our interview Addison shared about the crushing realities he was facing at the time.

There was much to talk about. This was one of those interviews where I lost track of time. The interview is segmented into two sections.. Below you will find The Addison Johnson Interview Part One, and in the first week of May, we will bring you Part Two. We sincerely hope that the podcast provides an opportunity for you to get to know this talented and genuine artist who is making music that matters.







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