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Robert Ray The New Traditionalists

Updated: Jan 29, 2023


Holding the torch high for traditional country music! Robert Ray is quietly writing, recording, and performing some great sounds that will take you back down memory lane, when you could still hear a fiddle, and a steel guitar in country music.. At only 26 years on planet earth, Robert pulls influences deep from within his years coming up in South Texas. Benefitting greatly from a dad who has some great taste in country music. Family ties run strong in Ray's life as we talk about Ray's Superman, his papaw, who passed on way too soon, but left an indelible mark on this young man's character.

His latest single "More Than Love" is the kind of feel good love at first sight type of song we can never get enough of.

"I Just can't help, but fall in love with every breath you take.."

This song as well as most of Robert's tunes are penned by the artist. I would love to see more co-writes in the future as it can be an opportunity for other artists to discover, and record Robert's music, and in turn expand his reach even more.

His passion to keep the fiddle, and steel guitar in his music when most are not is admirable, and merits mentioning.. Just like his musical hero George Strait, Ray is uncompromising traditional country. And said, he wants to bring traditional country back. We were very impressed by how down to earth, and sincere Robert is, and the quality of his music. His songs will tug at your heart strings, but he'll keep you dancing for sure. His live band now boasts a pedal steel! Check out his website for booking info, and show dates.. For fans of George Strait, and good country music everywhere!



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