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Ray Scott: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Touted as one of the modern day troubadours keeping traditional country music alive. Ray has gone through the proverbial Nashville hell, but lived to tell. His music is heartfelt, honest, and real. Which is a lot to say nowadays. But he also often shows his more whimsical side in songs like "Those Jeans", Train Wreck and the Tompall Glaser cover "Put Another Log on The Fire". We had the opportunity to talk to Ray this past week. That interview will air on #WaylonWednesday August 4th 2021. Check back here, and all your favorite streaming platforms then. But until then, we thought we'd give you a sneak peak into the man behind the music. He has stockpiled quite a resume of accomplishment in his 20+ years delivering tantalizing sounds to our ears. But we think he's just getting started y'all. The best is yet to come, keep reading..


Ray's musical genius is rare, especially in country/americana music. He can make you cry, laugh, and smile sometimes all in the same song. He's a musical magician, his wand is a pen, but there are no tricks here. Just a talented singer/songwriter talking about his life, and a long the way, sprinkling some hope on us all. That's gold..

Check out the interview here


Ray Scott: 5 Things You Didn't Know


  1. One of the dreams that almost every country singer shares is to stand in the hallowed circle at least once in their career. That invitation to entertain hardcore country music fans that come from all parts of the world is a coveted night that loudly states you have arrived. Well Ray has had that privilege 64 times!!!! In our deep dive interview Ray shares one of the proudest, and humbling appearances at the Grand Ole Opry.


2. From the very beginning Ray's career took off faster than a toupee in a hurricane. "My Kind of Music" which has become an anthem for traditional country fans scored way high on the Billboard Heatseeker Charts back in 2005. Hear why..


3. We already know how incredibly talented Ray is, but he also has a penchant for creating new phrases, and words. Two of our favorites: Raydiculousness, and Redneck Einstein..😃


4. Many of Ray's songs are about his life, and well, it has not been boring.. One such time was dating back to when Ray was a mere teen. Ray had the unfortunate experience of ending up in a jail in Tijuana, Mexico. If that isn't scary enough for you, how about getting your foot peed on while you're there? Yeah, I thought so..


5. With millions of Youtube views, and streams, Ray is showing strong signs of just ramping up.

He's shared that there are songs he's written that he hasn't recorded yet, and he continues to write about life, and its many twists, and turns. I think Ray is just getting started, and probably has enough stories to fill up a book. He is somewhat of a Philosopher with a ready wit, and a high likability factor. What you might not know is that he has some smokin' hot new music out right now that beckons your immediate attention. Here's one of our recent favorites..

Check out the links below, and don't forget to circle back on Wednesday for our deep dive interview with Ray Scott!


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