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Bandy the Rodeo Clown Says Accept Your Flaws & Love Your Country

Updated: Jan 29, 2023


Bandy The Rodeo Clown Says Forgive Your Flaws, and Love Your Country!

A Talk W/ Living Legend Moe Bandy

Nashville, TN: With over 50 years in the country music industry, Moe Bandy is no rodeo clown! You can’t be a clown, and make it in the music business. “The Texas Music Hall of Famer took time to speak to #OnTheBrink: A podcast about country music, and life to talk about his latest album “A Love Like That”.

The album boasts an original penned by Leona Williams, who has had an amazing career of her own, most notably for her songwriting credits with the late great Merle Haggard. There are several stand out tracks such as “It’s All Over Town”, and “City Lights”. However, it is “You Can't Stop a Heart From Breaking” that takes us to the undeniable hard country sound that Moe is famous for. The song is brilliant, and points to milestones reached in the world such as a man walking on the moon, and talking over the internet. But sadly, we can’t stop a heart from breaking, despite life-changing innovations.

Moe Bandy's Latest release get it here

You would be sadly mistaken, if you think the road to the top was paved with roses for Moe. One can only imagine the heartbreak felt when you tally the loss of friends in country music to alcohol, and disease among other things. Moe himself battled with the bottle, but made it to the other side with the help of strong family support, and faith.

When the legend looks around today, he is still hopeful, and full of great memories, and wise advice. For example, Moe feels one way to unite people is to accept our flaws, and failures as human beings, and to learn from your mistakes. Moe further shares that loving where you are from is unifying. It’s a point of view coming from someone whose weathered many storms, and has lived to tell. This sentiment goes beyond small town pride, it’s American pride served up with a genuine love for people.

Show host Sana Mello says “the interview was inspiring. Moe is a living testament to staying productive, and relevant at any age. That’s the kind of message, we can all use right now..”

Here's the trailer for the upcoming podcast: The Moe Bandy Interview

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