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The New Traditionalists VI

Updated: Mar 22, 2023


The Zac Clifton

Interview Part One & Two



"A young Hank Williams" is what Kris Kristofferson had to say about this wildly talented Texas Honky tonker. Blessed with a clear-as-a-bell tenor voice, you will think you've gone back in time to the golden era of honky tonk music. But it becomes very clear that Zac is no retro act when you hear his heartfelt delivery, and sentimental lyrics.

Zac wrote every song on his current debut release Honky Tonk Heaven where he mentions all the greats Hank, Lefty, George, and more. In this deep dive interview we talk about Zac's artistry, his Bobby Flores produced debut, and his notes on traditional country music. Look for part two of this interview on Sunday April 25th 2021. Scroll down for installment one!


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