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The New Traditionalists Vol. V

This series has been so successful that we are seriously considering extending it.

our primary focus was to introduce fresh young talent that is unapologetically writing, recording, and performing traditional country. In this fifth installment of the New Traditionalist Podcast series

we visit with Iowa's Royce Johns.

This young mans no nonsense baritone voice shows shades of Daryle Singletary, and Randy Travis. He is also very passionate about the state of affairs in country music, and the industry.

He shares some of the challenges persevering in country music. There's an interesting story about meeting Peanut Montgomery in Muscle Shoals that was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Give Royce's music a spin, and follow him on Facebook. When you order an album from his site,

he personally autographs it. We've included Royce's information below, and thank you for your continued support. Keep Traditional Country alive!

Artist: Royce Johns

State: Iowa

Latest Release: One Last Two Step


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