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#OnTheBrink: The Tyller Gummersall Interview

To think, I've been spelling Tyller's first name wrong all these years!

Tyller echoes the traditions of the old west in his music. Ranching has been a big part of his life hroughout. In this #OnTheBrink interview, he shares his love for the cowboy way, and how his dream is to own his own ranch one day.

Tyller is also a huge fan of Hank Williams. We both agreed on how Hank truly was the total package talent wise. It's unfathomable to imagine what Hank's creative output may have been,if he had lived on. Tyller is also influenced by great songwriters like John Prine, Kristofferson, and Willie. But I think the influence that is heard more often than not is Buck Owens.

Tyller has appeared in several features on #StoneColdCountry throughout the years.

We've linked some of those features for your perusal. If you like 90s flavored country with a western flair then you'll love Tyller. Songs like Working Man, Pay For It, and Heartbreak College

are easy to relate to. This is grownup music made. by a grownup for grownups.

Artist : Tyler Gummersall

Stae: Colorodo

Latest Release: All On My Mind

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