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TYG: The Texas Young Guns

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The Joey Greer Interview

Y'all know we are always with our ears to the ground for awesome emerging artists.

The Texas Young Guns Series is a special podcast dedicated to solid talent we keep coming across from the longhorn state! But you know, we realized some of the amazing music we were hearing wasn't always traditional country, and thought what a shame not to bring it to y'all.

In our #StoneColdCountry radio show, we have a feature called the #TexasSixPack. It's the most popular segment of our show. In the TSP, we always include a wide variety of music that we feel is worthy of your ears. With the Texas Young Guns, we decided to do the same, with the hopes of bringing attention to emerging artists 30, and under that are creating, recording, and performing good quality music.

Like our mini movie trailer, these talented southwest musicians are shooting their way to the top by bucking the standard, and doing their own thing on their own terms

You have to love that!

Our inaugural episode features a young artist from Nacogdoches, Texas who has already amassed over 1million views on Tik Tok, and over 200K views on YouTube.

He also has one of the most versatile, and emotionally rich voices we've heard .

We're talking about Joey Greer! Joey was singing in his local church, and studying to become a doctor before he decided to dive into a professional music career.

Joey started writing, and playing before he was a teen. His love for music is clearly a trait handed down to him by way of his parents. In our almost hour long conversation,

we find out about his first broken heart, which caused him to write one of our favorite songs "Yesterday". We also get to know what keeps Joey moving forward, and what truly matters in his life. In the end, we find that Joey is a small town young man with a big talent, and an enormous heart. Give it a listen, and don't forget to follow Joey across social media.


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