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(TYG) The Texas Young Guns-2

The Ryan Glenn Interview

We are always with our ears to the ground for awesome emerging artists.

The Texas Young Guns Series is a special podcast dedicated to the AMAZING talent we keep coming across from the longhorn state! But you know, we realized some of the amazing music we were hearing wasn't always traditional country, and thought what a shame not to bring it to y'all.

Here's installment II! Our feature this time around is a talented young artist from Denton, Texas. Ryan Glenn's debut album landed on Stone Cold country's Top 21 from 2021. And at the ripe old age of 17, he was also included in NPR's North Texas 20 Under 20. Ryan's music is a tip of the hat to the greats of the rockabilly scene like Johnny Cash, Elvis, Roy Orbison, and the undisputed Honky Tonk King Hank Williams. But it's not all fun, and games as Ryan, who is a strong songwriter takes a firm stand on social issues on "Tired of Hurtin'. At only 20 years of age, one can only imagine how the passage of time will shape Ryan's music even further. His debut Far Away Rose is a must. Don't sleep on this one..


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