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We feature New Traditional Country, Folk and Americana.

Good music needs to be heard! We love hearing the legacy Bob Wills, Hank, Waylon, Lefty, and others have left in the voices, and songwriting craftsmanship of today's up, and comers.


It is truly about the music, and moving forward in a fresh, authentic, and inspiring way. We believe authenticity can be defined in a phrase coined by noted songwriter Harlan Howard "Three chords, and the truth".. Our aim is is to bridge the old with the new, and on these pages, you will find interesting stories about the golden years of honky tonk music. Additionally, we share our passion concerning artists that are holding the torch high for traditional forms of country music right now.  


We also offer a variety of ways to engage on a more meaningful level, and support our mission to keep traditional country music alive. 

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There is still some amazing country music to be heard. We hope we can bring more to you, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

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#OnTheBrink Podcast

Here you will find the latest episode of our podcast streaming on Pandora, Spotify, ITunes, Sound Cloud, and all major platforms
We've rolled out our brand new podcast series "The New Traditionalists".  This is a six part series that focuses on traditional country music artists 25, and younger. The participants in this series were handpicked from 100's of  artists we've reviewed in a six month timeframe. Some you may have heard of, and some will be new to your ears.
In every instance, these New Traditionalists are keeping the torch lit, and high for music in the vein of  George Jones, Vern Gosdin, and George Strait to name a few.
Our primary objective is to share incredible rising talent that are making inroads into country music without forgetting the hardcore troubadours of yesteryear. We present a new monthly feature on the 12th of each month. Here's a preview of our next featured aorist Jake Blocker! At only 16 years of age, Jake is writing, recording, and performing Stone Cold Country music in the vein of Hank, and Buck. He also survived COVID19. Check out the interview here.

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