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5 Country Wedding Songs

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Top Country Stars Share Their First Dance Wedding Songs


It's everywhere, it's everywhere! Love that is, and we are loving it! Of course, I am talking about Valentine's Day, which, by the way is one of the most popular holidays on planet earth. If you need proof just consider that in the U.S. alone, we spent 23.9 Billion last year on Valentine's Day! Really think about that for a minute. If we took 29 billion apples, it would easily fill The Rose Bowl or Wembly Stadium to the brim, and you would still have apples left over to bake several delicious pies.. 😍😍 The holiday became popular in the 1840's with the revival of Chaucer poems, and Shakespearean texts, but Valentine's Day goes way back to the early centuries. Valentine was a jailed priest who defied an order decreed by King Claudius (The Cruel) that prohibited marriages. The King initiated many wars, but the men did not want to leave their families to fight, that is why Claudius outlawed marriage.

However, Valentine continued to officiate matrimonial ceremonies and was jailed. While in jail, Valentine taught the jailers, and their children the tenants of his faith. Several Jailers converted to christianity, and one of the jailer's daughters was healed from blindness. The day before he was clubbed to death, the priest left a note for the healed girl, and signed it Your Valentine.

Regretfully, Common Era Rome did. not have the benefit of great country music like we do today, but I do believe that the following First wedding dance picks would've fared well even back then.


Five Country Wedding Songs


Luke Combs- Beautiful Crazy


It's hard to believe this was just a bonus track on Luke's 2017 debut. Luke said he wrote it about his future wife Nicole though they were not really official yet. Nothing better than real life to inspire a new classic. The song was released as a single in 2018, and became Luke's 5th consecutive number one.

Beautiful Crazy also became a double platinum seller, and was the song the couple picked as their first dance wedding song. Luke tied the knot on August 2020, and became the proud poppa of Tex Lawrence Combs on June 19, 2022.


Eric Church-You Make It Look So Easy


Included on Eric's Carolina album, the artist has shared that

writing the song was like baring his soul to his then girlfriend Katherine. The two first met at a bar in Nashville to discuss publishing. The Chief wrote the song for his sweetheart, and kept it under tight wraps. So much so that his bride had not heard the song until their wedding day when he sang it to her.

As you can imagine, she could not stop crying. The power couple

are the proud parents of Boone and Tennessee. Additionally, they have also created The Chief Cares Fund to help under-priviliged children, and families.


Blake Shelton-We Can Reach The Stars


What can be sweeter, and more meaningful than jointly

writing your wedding vows? Writing your own wedding song!

The artist shared on a previous interview that Gwen encourages him to write more songs. For their much anticipated wedding, he did write a new song. Blake reached out to Superstar songwriter Craig Wiseman (Live Like You Were Dying) for the collab.

The idea was to write a timeless classic that encapsulated the early beginnings of the romance and now. Carson Daily, a friend of the couple and the officiator of the ceremony said there was not a dry eye in the room when Blake sang the song.

Mr. Shelton also built a Chapel on his ranch for the occasion. The song is on Blake's most recent album Body Language. Blake and Gwen are absolutely adorable together, and are parents to Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo from Gwen's previous marriage.


Lee Brice-I Don't Dance


Married in 2013, Lee co-wrote the song with Rob Hatch, and Dallas Davidson, and shared with his wife Sara that it should be their wedding song. The general idea of the song is about how love empowers you to go beyond your limits. In the song, the person is saying they don't dance, but will try for their loved one.

I Don't Dance was one of the top songs of 2014. It also won the 2015 ACM Single of The Year. The song has since earned a double platinum certification for over 2 million in sales. The couple have three children: sons Takoda, Ryker, and daughter Trulee Nanette.


Alan Jackson-That's The Way


Alan and Denise have been married since 1979, and as the story goes, they were high school sweethearts in Newnan, Georgia, a town about 40 miles away from Atlanta. The latter has always been a hotbed for all types of music including gospel. Alan Jackson's wedding song came by way of Pat Terry, who was a songwriter, and performer in the area.

Alan shares that even though the song had been released several years before, he thought it was the perfect wedding song. Alan mustered up the courage to sing the song at the church in front of all their wedding guests though he was wrecked with fear, and nerves! I think we can safely say that Alan survived, and included the beautiful ballad on his Precious Memories Collection. The set includes the original songs in Precious Memories I &II as well as two new songs. As of 2023, the pair have been married for 43 years and counting. they have three beautiful daughters, and one grand- baby! Join Alan Jackson's mobile list for updates. Text ALAN to (615) 436-6342.


Valentine's Day is an opportunity to underscore the love, and appreciation you feel for those dear, and near to your heart. Make it a special day, and create new memories. And don't forget to call, text or zoom those that are too far to visit. They need to hear from you too..



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