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April: The Texas Six Pack

6 hot songs from Texas area artists


Hello friends! We’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country with the April edition of the #TexasSixPack. This time around there are seven songs from amazing Texas artists that you should add to your playlists, radio station, blogs and share across social media.

The Texas Six Pack was a feature we created in late 2018 for our Stone Cold Country radio show. Due to the incredible popularity of the segment, in January 2023,we decided to roll it out as a stand alone podcast with new episodes on the 23rd of each month.

Before we dig in, we like to share some noteworthy news from the longhorn state.

Yes, great news about Gruene Hall. Firstly it is still going strong after 145 years in existence, good god. Yes, and It is Texas' oldest continually operating dance hall. Some friends in Texas are very particular. I made the mistake of calling it a honky tonk because the rest of us call any place that plays country music and serves alcohol a honky tonk, don't you know.

And well, I was promptly corrected which I do appreciate. It’s great to know what the regional nuanced differences are. Anyway, The Academy of Country Music has nominated Green Hall for the Club of The Year Award. How awesome is that!

You can watch the show at The Ford Center at the Star in Frisco on May 11 and or on Amazon Prime.

And Willie Nelson will turn 90 on April 29th, wow! There will be a huge bash for Willie at the Hollywood Bowl with over 30 artists honoring the Texas legend including Chris Stapleton, The Lumineers, and Kacey. It’s a two day event, and you can still get tickets at the

One thing Willie said in a recent interview that I totally agree with is that a good song is a good song regardless of genre! And that’s why he sings in so many different styles of music and has been awarded for those collaborations as well. Absolutely.

Allright, well I’m ready to hear some great music from Texas!


First up is

  1. Artist: Wade Bowen

Hometown: Waco,TX

Song: Car Ride Home

Release Date: April 14 2023

Twitter:@WadeBowen Let’s go.


Next up is

2. Artist: Aaron McDonnell

Based in Austin, Texas and originally from:Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Song:: Horizon

Release Date: April 21 2023



3. .Artist: Kendall Shaffer

Baton Rouge is in the house

Hometown:Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Song: Broke Down

Release Date:April 3 2023



4. 2020 Texas Country Music Awards Emerging Artist

Aaron Copeland is next

He hails from lefty Frizzell’s hometown:Corsicana.

Let’s hear Lovin’ On You

Release Date: March 30 2023



5. Artist: Richie Bustillo

Hometown: South SanAntonio Texas

Song: Two Hearts One Moon

Release Date:February 24 2023

Twitter: @_therichieb_


6. Artist: Matt Castillo

Hometown:Edinburg, Texas

Song: Corazon which was one of our top songs from 2022.

It is finally getting some traction on Texas radio!

Request it y’all and push it to number #1

Release Date:November 11 2022

T witter:@TheMattCastillo


We’re going to close out with Robert Ray- More Than You’ll Never Know which is sitting right outside of the top 10 on the Texas Regional Radio Report.

Yes, again call your local radio station, and push it to number one y’all! So many complain about the lack of traditional country music on radio now is the time to support the artists that are still writing, recording, releasing and performing quality music.


We’ve come to the end of yet another TexasSixPack!

Don’t forget to check back on the 28th for the Stone Cold Country podcast for more hot new releases. And on the 23rd of each month for a fresh edition of the Texas Six Pack all on Pandora

Also, don’t forget to visit our blog on for more music, articles, and podcasts.

Speaking of articles, can you believe that my article on country stars that choose faith over fame was read over 30 thousand times and counting? There are also a bunch of comments.

I did see that, so cool. Everyone should sign up for the newsletter on so that they don’t miss your next post.

And like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry. Have a great rest of your week, and take care. 2023 all rights reserved


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