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Country Music Christmas: Top Three Places

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Country fans will love these top three hot holiday travel spots!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And the world agrees as there are enough events, and celebrations to keep us all busy straight through 2023. Now we know navigating what to choose, and what to lose can be quite daunting, sigh.. So, we had our elves search far, and wide for the Christmas hot spots we think you should check out. The vast majority of the areas are great even, if you are flying solo during the holidays. We hope you'll make some new memories with new friends, and enjoy your time with family, and loved ones. Feel free to send us those Christmas vacation pics! 😊


1. Santa Lucia

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? The white crystalline beaches of Saint Lucia are a perfect retreat from the organized Holliday chaos everywhere else. Nestled in the welcoming Caribbean it boasts beautiful rolling rivers, pristine beaches, and lush mountains. The islanders are devout fans of traditional country music, and it is deeply entrenched in the local culture. Historians note the country music craze emerged during World War II when factions of the U.S. Air Force were stationed on the tiny island.

The Military Radio stations broadcasted country music across the entire island. Eighty plus years later, the love affair ensues. There is a very sweet, and enduring ritual that was birthed during World War II where he family matriarch teaches her young children how to square dance while country music plays in the background.

The ritual started during WWII, and remains still today. One can say that country music is truly the soundtrack of every day life even in Saint Lucia. I've highlighted a couple of must do, and must see activities below. Also check out the amazing Saint Lucia footage in the video..


On The Beach

The island boasts several five star all inclusive resorts. It really just depends on where you want to be, and what you want to do. Christmas Eve cocktails under the stars, and Christmas Lunch on the beach are among top picks. Take in the romantic ambience of Saint Lucia with a sunset cruise as it is a favorite destination for honeymoons, anniversaries, and weddings. You can cap off the evening by sampling from a vast champagne bar. The morning after eat breakfast on the patio of your beachfront cottage. Kick off the afternoon by renting a sailboat, relax while listening to 92.3 Liberty FM for old school country across Saint Lucia.

Top hotels include The Ladera Resort, Sugar Beach, and the more affordable Stolentime At Rendezvous. But if your want to disconnect from the world, and focus all your attention on your loved one or on yourself for that matter, we highly recommend The Jade Mountain Resort.

Breathtaking mountain views are enjoyed thoroughly as the resort is a technology free establishment. Yes, there is wifi, but you will not find a radio or tv in any of the rooms. A great option, if you just need to get away..


Burst the Bamboo & Other Saint Lucia Traditions

Don't be alarmed, if you hear pops all over town. During the holiday season an old time tradition is to fill bamboo shoots with rags infused with kerosene. The bamboo is lit and makes a loud popping sound when it explodes. Santa is known to jet ski in full regalia, and he'll eventually make his way to the beach to reward those that are good with a picture.

Jouvert is another fun tradition that happens at midnight and ends around 6:00 AM on Christmas Day. These block parties are closely aligned with the rural communities of the island. Visitors from near, and far join in on the joyful festivities, and general camaraderie. Chic Hospitality hosts a fun, and more sophisticated version of this on Saturdays. Book here.


Our St. Lucia Picks

Sea Trek: Explore the underwater world of Saint Lucia. For swimmers & non swimmers If you can walk, and breathe you can enjoy this amazing experience.


Project Chocolat from Hotel Chocolat: An immersive "tree to bar" experience for chocolate lovers. You'll visit the cacao groves and learn about the process of making delicious chocolate. You'll also shop, and eat fine fresh chocolate after the tour.


ATV Tours: Ride through, and across the beautiful mountains, and awe-inspiring coastline of Saint Lucia. This nearly three hour tour is a great way to meet new people, and explore a natural paradise.


Rum Tasting Tour: Meet the Rum Ambassador when you visit the famed Saint Lucia Distillery. You'll see how one of their best exports is made. Sample some of the finest exotic blends and buy your favorite at a below market price.




2. Sin City

Las Vegas is a fun stop for families, and those flying solo this season.

A stroll on the main strip 'round sunset is a sight to see. Some attractions do sell out during the holiday season, so make sure you book your reservations early.

There are also a few free attractions to give your wallet a break. A side note, Bally's is now the Horseshoe Casino, and the Country Music Superstars Showcase is not bookable at this time. But check out our other suggestions below, and don't forget to read our tips for a smoother stay.


Nascar fans have a long relationship with the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as it hosts the Penzoil 400. The speedway offers a variety of opportunities to feel the thunder throughout the year like the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. But since this is a blog about the fun stuff you can do during the Christmas Holliday, we wanted to share the epic 2.6 mile holiday driving experience available. Check out the video, and link below.


The Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Alexis Park

Off strip is a great alternative for families that want to experience the sweeter side of Las Vegas. The Alexis Park Resort is the largest non-gambling hotel in Vegas, and it offers several entertainment options. The kids will love the Wonderland Show based on The Alice In Wonderland series. And of course a trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without seeing an Elvis Tribute Show.

Elvis may be remembered as the King of Rock, but he was a country singer first. Elvis charted over 40 country hits, and nine were chart toppers. Travis Allen is widely considered one of the best Elvis Tribute acts in Vegas. You can catch his uncanny Elvis tribute "All Shook Up" at the Alexis.


All Shook Up


Enchant Christmas

For years we've watched heart warming country themed moves on the Hallmark channel like Country At Heart, and Five More Minutes, the latter was inspired by American Idol Scotty Mc Creary's song of the same name. Now the fine folks at Hallmark have partnered with the Enchant franchise to bring us the world's largest winter wonderland!

This is a jaw dropping holiday delight with 100 ft Christmas trees, illuminated tunnels, and delicious spiked cocktails. Don't forget to check out the Hallmark Channel House, and you better check in with Santa before you leave. Also available in Nashville.



3. Nashville

Music City is a great place for live events all year round. But we did want to highlight a few to do's that will make your stay truly special. One of my personal faves is the Christmas Lights Ride through downtown Nashville. Ride past country music history like the Johnny Cash Museum, and The Rhyman Auditorium. Nashville lights up for the holidays, and the view from the carriage is absolutely stunning.


Christmas Carriage Lights Ride


Music City Christmas Cruise

The General Jackson Showboat has delighted travelers, and locals for 37 years.

It was a popular attraction at the Opryland Amusement park which closed in 1997. One can say it is a testament to its enduring charm that we are still benefitting from the amazing talent that grace the riverboat's stage daily.

The Christmas show features broadway infused Christmas classics performed by some of Nashvilles most talented artists. The cruise sets sail twice a day with the evening jaunt offering mouth watering delicacies like applewood smoked ham, and cinnamon crumb cake, yum..


The Grand Ole Opry

Traveling to Nashville, and not catching an Opry show is just wrong. Seriously, The Opry is the longest running radio show in America. It started as a 60 minute radio program on WSM, and the rest is country music history. From the very beginning, the show presented established, and up, and coming entertainers in country music.

This year, the Opry has a couple of very special Christmas shows planned featuring Ricky Skaggs, The Gatlin Brothers and many more. There are also Opry shows every weekend in December. Some of the artists in the upcoming performances include T Grahn Brown, Steve Earle, and The Cleverlys, the latter are absolutely hysterical. Here's a flashback from The Opry's Christmas past. And click on the link to see their full show schedule.



Honorable Mentions


Travel Tips

Sign up for your travel destination's newsletters

Search/read recent reviews

Check news online for place you are planning to visit

Look for deals/discounts

Consider booking a tour

Become familiar with hotel policies

Become familiar with the country, and state laws

Check cancelation rules before you book

Purchase travel insurance

Buy a universal phone charger

Make copies of important documents


Don't forget to tune in to our Country Music Show on December 19th, 2022 at 11:00 AM (CST). It will also re-air from 6-8:00 PM (CST) for the entire week. Please send your holiday song requests here.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday season!


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