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Country Music Is...?

Here's What 12 Stars Have To Say..

Lawd, this debate over what is, and isn't country music will just about wear you out. And as I type this auto correct is fighting me on my spelling of Someone needs to make a southern spell check-auto correct doohickey because this is almost harassment! lol.. I have the same fight on Twitter, where sometimes the auto correct will change what I typed just as I send off the tweet! And well, let me just say that I've been fortunate to delete the tweet before it floods your timeline..

Back to what is country music, it's a debate that lays dormant for awhile, and gets stirred up like a Hornet's nest again, and again.

Sometime prompted by ill-placed words from celebrities. But often

resuscitated due to the stark difference between the standard honky tonk sound established in the 50's, and what is being played on most mainstream radio stations.

While the debate rages on at dinner tables, and across social media, there does seem to be a loose consensus on what are the properties of country music at the very least. In other words, what it's made of, and almost always, songs about real life wins.

I may not be able to identify with Tyler Childers singing about being higher than a grocery bill, and sniffing cocaine, but I can certainly appreciate the honesty, and rawness of his experience. And though it goes without saying, Tyler is one of the bright spots on the Billboard Country Charts.

When I'm in doubt about something, I go back to history, and see, if I can find something comparable. I actually majored in history, but graduated with a Social Science degree because the three history classes I needed to graduate would not be available util the following term, and I did not want to wait.

With that being said, I wanted to gain a perspective on what celebrities in, and out of country music defined country as..

Some answers were expected, and straightforward. Other answers provide food for thought. What follows are several opinions from celebrities on what is country or what they like about it.

One of the things I found interesting is that sometimes not even the country artists agree on the definition of country music. For me it is a crying steel guitar, songs about life especially heartbreak, and loss, but it's not ONLY what I mentioned. Country music is way more..


Johnny Cash:



"Of emotions, of love, of breakup, of love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing. It covers a lot of territory, country music does.."


Willie Nelson:


A lot of country music is sad. I think most art comes out of poverty and hard times. It applies to music. Three chords and the truth - that's what a country song is. There is a lot of heartache in the world..


Emmylou Harris:

13 Grammys & Country Music Hall of Fame Member

“You have to grow up, start paying the rent and have your heart broken before you understand country.”


Jeff Foxworthy:

Academy of Country Music Awards Gene Weed Special Achievement Award


"Country music is about new love, and it's about old love.."


Conway Twitty:



A good country song takes a page out of somebody's life and puts it to music.