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February's Top Country Song Picks!

Updated: Apr 4, 2023




Welcome all, this is our new release recap for February 2023.

In 2022, we recapped our picks every quarter or 3-4 months. Due to your feedback, we are going warp speed ahead, and bringing our top picks every month based on your input, and our pizza jury.

If you want your opinion to count, give a thumbs up on the player when you're listening in at or sign up for our newsletter at to vote.. Let’s dig in.

First up is Ray Scott, who had a smoker of an album in 2021.

Yes, Cover The Earth was one of our top albums of 2021.

Check it out, if you haven’t yet. Well Ray has a new, and very timely tune, I would say..

Lol..Also, check out our interview w/ Ray on Pandora under #onthebrink. Ray has some awesome merch. Check it out on

We’re about to raid his Redneck Einstein t’s.. Here is Ray’s latest In Pictures, enjoy


Next on deck is Larry Fleet with Daddy Don’t Drink.

Written with Derek Bahr and Luke Laird. Larry says it’s a highly personal song about being a daddy, and doing the right thing. It was produced by Joey Moi who co-wrote Morgan Wallen’s YouProof. Larry is currently on tour, and has some upcoming dates in Texas. Go on to for more info. Let's hear Daddy Don’t Drink..


Here’s a new one from Elijah Ocean, released on Valentine’s Day. It has a strong old school country vibe. Catch our interview w/ Elijah on Pandora under #onthebrink. And check out more of his music on It’s so funny, on his Twitter, he added a disclaimer for the song. He said all characters and events were fictitious. Hmm. Here’s Elijah’s latest Heart Replacement


Jameson Rodgers, Goin’ Crazy Written by Josh Thompson, Zach Abend & Hardy, and produced by David Garcia. Jameson says that the song was sparked by a conversation where the person said they were going crazy. Jameson is not known for writing love songs, but everything clicked, and here it is. Goin’ Crazy.


New Traditionalist Jason Byrd is on deck with No End In Sight.

It was written by Jim McBride and Jerry Salley. A former Fireman, he has a couple of shows in Florida, and Georgia next month. Also check out his duet with George Jones on


Jim Lauderdale & The Po Ramblin’ Boys, Last Resort. A familiar tale of heartbreak, and hope.This is a brand new song co-written with the amazing Becky Buller. Jim was blown away when he first saw the band play at the IBMA. Love the Ralph Stanley vibe. Let’s hear it.


Danny Burns, Tim O’Brien, Fields of Gold.

This legendary song has been one Danny has always wanted to cover. The energy is all too apparent in this fresh Bluegrass take. It’s a beloved song about devotion and romance. Get ready for Danny’s full-blown bluegrass project Promised Land set to release this year.


Dierks Bently & Ashley Mcbryde, Cowboy Boots.

Cowboy boots have always had a personal significance for Dierks, being a constant (often duct tape adorned lol) companion through his musical journey. And a symbol of Dierks genuinely falling in love with country music.


Carter Winter, Gold Written by Allie Colleen, Stephen Hunley, Trafton Harvey. You know who Allie is. She’s Garth Brooks' daughter and ridiculously talented.

Carter is a proud new traditionalist, and is inspired by country legends like Johnny Cash. Carter started his career performing traditional country covers and then branched out into developing his own distinctive, edgy style that still pays respects to those that paved the way.


We’re going to close out with two bonafide music legends Queen of the world Dolly & the legendary Dionne Warwick, both recipients of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. Even though Dolly is a mega star, believe it or not, she still had to pitch our closeout song to Dionne in hopes that she would like it enough to record it with her. Well, and Dionne absolutely loved it so much so that it inspired Dionne to record the first inspirational record of her career. We’re closing out with Peace Like a River with Dolly Parton, and Dionne Warwick.


Don’t forget to visit our blog on for interesting twangy stories. And check out our interviews under #OnTheBrink on Pandora. Also, don’t forget to look for new episodes of this podcast after the 28th of each month, and new Texas Area singles after the 23rd of every month.

And like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry!


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