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Happy Heavenly Birthday Lefty!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Remembering the quintessential stylist, and honky tonk king Lefty Frizzell

On July 19th, 1975 the Lord called one of the finest singers, and showman home. Though during his life he accomplished many firsts, and accolades, he was never quite able to consistently recapture the chart success of his early days.

Lefty's professional life is a lesson on how to lose a fortune by trusting the wrong people.

Towards the end of his life his biggest thrills came from hanging out with his friends, and drinking vodka. In an interview, Whitey Shaffer said they rarely ever got together with the idea of writing a song. Whitey, and Lefty along with other songwriting friends enjoyed each other's company more than anything else.

On this week's #StoneColdCountry show we decided to pay tribute to the boy from Corsicana, Texas. Born behind an oil well, he never turned down a fight, and always gave it everything he had in each performance. Till the very end Lefty put on a great show. He had star power, and style!

The following is the schedule for the show which will air at 6:00 PM (CST) this entire week. Hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. And don't forget to check out the comprehensive blog post I wrote about Lefty a year ago.


6:00- 6:15

We're talking about growing up. Some of the early lessons Lefty learned that marked, and shaped his life

6:15- 6:35

Lefty's earliest recordings really show a stylist in the making. His vocal flexibility, and uncanny delivery are heard in these hand-picked early recordings.

6:36- 6:51

Some lessons are hard to learn, but in Lefty's case, he made haste. This time in his life was incredibly productive, and yielded a string of hits.

6:52- 7:12

We play Lefty's first hits! All were penned by Lefty, and are honky tonk classics now.

7:13- 7:23

Hank dies, and the hits stop coming for a little while. We talk about all the changes

going on in Lefty's life.

7:24- 7:44

We play the next set of hits from Lefty.

7:44- 8:04

We talk about the mid to late 60s. Lefty makes some career decisions, and life looks different now..

8:05- 8:25

We listen to the next set of Lefty's hits that also includes his last chart topper.

8:25- 8:35

The last years of Lefty's life..

8:36- 9:00 PM

We play Lefty's last charted hits, and several tribute songs to the one and only

Lefty Frizzell.


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