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Hard Country Is Back! Wyatt Massingille: The Debut

Updated: May 20, 2023



Our mission is to bridge the old with the new. George Jones type of country is what we love. We are proud to present New Traditionalist's Wyatt Massingille's self-titled debut.

It is the kind of country your daddy listened to, and we love it! In this podcast episode we listen to a few select cuts on this fine album. We also talk about the state of country music, and share lots of laughs. It is always fun talking to Wyatt Massingille, who is a five time North American Country Music International awardee. He most recently performed at one of the most important traditional country music events of the year, The Keith Whitley Memorial concert in Nashville.



Wyatt, at just a mere 21 years of age is keeping traditional honky tonk country music alive with his former EP No Jones On The Jukebox-a song penned by Wyatt. And his album debut Wyatt Massingille. For hard country fans everywhere! Also check out our quick fact sheet on Wyatt here.



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