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King George Strait Breaks Another Record!

George Strait is shaking things up again, and we’re here for it! Firstly, there is a new album coming on September 6th, 2024: Cowboys and Dreamers (I love the title!) We’ve already heard two singles Mia From Miami, and this one..

And of course, that first line was going to hook me immediately. In case you missed it:

Watchin' this sunset, yeah, man, it hit me..

The song goes on to list some of the things we should cherish like sitting on our back porch at midninght, yes... And if you are listening to a Merle Haggard song, even better. It is a lyrically beautiful song that underscores what matters in life, especially when you already have it all like King George. It was cowritten by George's son Bubba.

I really hope radio gives it a shot. There's definitely room for another beautiful heartfelt song somewhere between Morgan Wallen's infectuous bangers and Shaboozey's recent toe tapper.

As much as we can't wait for George Strait's album to come out it is his epic concert this weekend that inspired the article you are reading today. Like the title suggests, George broke, yet another record in his illustrious 4 decade long career.

First, let me bring you up to speed as you might not be aware how amazing Mr. Strait actually is, and why indeed he is called King George. The Texas crooner holds several Guinness Book World Records to his name, and last night he broke one more, but first let's look at some of his current records.

One of his notable achievements is holding the record for the "Most Number Ones" on the Country Album Chart. This feat underscores his unmatched success in the country music industry, by showcasing his ability to consistently deliver chart-topping albums that resonate with us the fans.

In addition to his album chart success, George Strait also holds the record for the "Most Consecutive Top Ten Hits" on the Hot Country Song Chart. It takes a remarkable level of consistency and longevity which is why he has such a loyal fan base. I'm dumbfounded on how humble and laidback George Strait is given his incredible trajectory. It's something I greatly admire and adore about him. It speaks volumes about his character and the real reason behind why he does what he does, he loves it.

There are yet more Guinness records George holds like "Most Platinum Records by a Country Artist," "Most Number Ones on the Country Song Chart," and the most Country Music Association Awards. He is also the only artist to win CMA Male Vocalist of the Year in two distinct decades, wow.

Which brings me to last night's epic feat of 110,905 fans at Kyle Field. The aggie crowd showed up for The King of Country, and made record breaking history. As the story goes, the legendary Rolling Stones held the record for the largest attendance at a ticketed concert. The Rolling Stones achieved this feat with their famous free concert at Hyde Park in London in 1969.

The Grateful Dead, eight years later broke the Roling Stones attendance record on September 3, 1977, at Raceway Park in New Jersey, by drawing a record-breaking 107,019 Dead Heads to the Englishtown Show. It set a new benchmark for the largest ticketed concert attendance at the time.

Almost 47 years later, The King of Country George Strait, breaks the record at Kyle Field, an iconic horse shoe shaped football stadium located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. It is the home of the Texas A&M Aggies football team. The concert broke the American record for the concert with the largest ticketed attendance.

We also don't think George is done breaking records as his upcoming album may spawn more hits and set a new standard on Billboard and beyond. Just recently, George landed two songs on Rolling Stone's Greatest Country Songs Of All Time list. His influence can be heard across recent chart toppers like Post Malone who posted (pun intended :)) this cover of a George Strait classic.

However, It hasn't all been rosy for The King as he recently lost not only his longtime Road Manager Tom Foote, but also his legendary Personal Manager Erv Woosley. We're only left with the memories when someone that's touched our lives is gone. That's why it is important to make as many great memories as possible. George shared a touching message on Twitter about Erv's passing..

Some of you might remember that George also set a record when he played to the largest indoor concert audience in Arlington back in 2014. It's great to see his latest monumental feat in my lifetime. The recent record is across music genres which really speaks to George's enduring legacy as The King of Country Music. Don't miss your chance to see the living legend as he is currently on tour. Check out all the deets here.

Here's George's unbelievable cover of an old Hank Williams tune..


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