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7 Hot new modern country songs

We are sharing six new modern country songs!

Featured in this episode: Josh Ross, Garrett Jacobs, Josh Melton,

Austin Snell, Matt Shuster, and a party song from Willie Jones!


Greetings, I’m Sana, and this is Anna

We’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country with our July New Country Song Picks. But first a little country news. Everyone is talking about country music’s comeback as at the recording of this show Luke Combs was at #2 on the Billboard All Genre Hot 100 Chart, and Morgan Wallen was still at number one with Last Night. I think this is the 12th week.

The reason this is significant is because the last time we held the number one, and two positions on the all genre chart hot 100 billboard chart was in 1981. Eddie Rabbitt’s I Love A Rainy Night was number one, and number two was Dolly at 9-5, which of course was the title track of a movie, and later a sitcom.

The other monumental news is as of July 1, Billboard is projecting that Luke Combs will have the number one song on the Country Airplay chart. That is the chart that specifically reports on what is playing on reporting country music stations.

The reason why this particular number one is historic is due to the fact that Tracy Chapman is the sole songwriter on the song. It will be the first time a song written solely by a black female has topped the country airplay chart. The keyword is solely as there have been a handful of chart toppers co-written by a black woman.

On the topic of black women in country music, you know who I like, and she’s a black female country artist. Britney Spencer. I really like her voice, and songwriting. I think she’s good. Yes, I agree. I remember we featured one of her songs last year. I hope she catches on..

Also, there is an emerging narrative that country music is making a comeback. Which is an optimistic point of view. What I think we are seeing, and hearing is that old school rock, R&B, and pop from the 90s has found a home in today’s country music, and the people that enjoyed the music back then have made the switch too.

The top two age brackets in country music right now are 45-54 at 20% of total listeners..

If you do the math, music listeners in that age group would’ve been in their 20s in the 90s right?

Yes, and I saw that the second largest group at 18% are between 35-44. They would’ve been grade schoolers, and middle schoolers in the 90s. At 17% are 25-34.

These stats were reported by Billboard, and the data is from the Country Music Association.

So again, if you grew up listening to Bon Jovi, and BabyFace, you’ll probably find some music you’ll like in country right now..

Talking about good music, we have some new songs to share with everyone today.

Yes, let’s get started with Josh Ross

The song is Trouble. You may have caught him opening for Bailey Zimmerman last year. Josh is signed to UMG. He’s 27, and hails from Ontario.. Let’s give this song a spin.

Former American Idol contestant Garrett Jacobs is up next.

He has a great personality! He posted a funny song about moving out of his apartment because his leasing agent did not exactly tell him the truth about it.. It’s on Tik Tok..Garrett is like closer to your age I think. 22 or 23..

The song is Harder To Get Over. I hope everyone likes it.

Josh Melton is up next with a song about adulting! Turning the page from empty whiskey bottles and starting a new chapter in life to empty baby bottles..That is quite a transition. Let’s hear Empty Bottles.

Austin Snell is up next. He was a Sirius XM Highway Find, and is getting a lot of traction on his three song EP Songs From My Phone, and they are just that. Austin says he recorded the songs while in a hotel room in Key West. The song we’re about to hear has a Morgan Wallen feel to it. Let’s hear Whiskey In a Wine Glass.

Matt Shuster

Song: Wasted Prayers

Inspired by Matt’s own experience of being disappointed and feeling frustration at your expectations of yourself or your situation not matching up to where you think it should be. The phrase “wasted prayers” has a double meaning: aside from literal drunken prayers, it refers to the feeling of unanswered hopes. He’s 21, from the midwest, and I think he has a close relationship with up & coming singer Ashley Cooke.. Anyway, let’s hear the song.

So we’re going to close out with a fun party song perfect for the summer. It is Willie Jones @WillieJones

With Something To Dance To

It is the title track from his debut album. The lyrics celebrate savoring the good times and letting your cares fade away in the name of good music. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are drinking please download Uber, and get a ride. Seriously, drinking and driving kills about 28 people a day. I am not trying to be a dolored downer y’all, I just want you to be okay, allright. So please party responsibly..

Also, check out The New Traditional for our traditional country leaning picks. And The Texas Six Pack for hot new songs from Texas area Artists. You can find all the podcasts under #OnTheBrink everywhere BUT, we would especially appreciate it if you listen on Pandora as we are one of a hand-picked few country podcasts on the platform..

Don’t forget to check out the blog on for interesting stories on country music like I’m No Stranger To The Rain-The Gift Of Perseverance. The post was influenced by the Keith Whitley song.. Keith had a birthday on July 1. He would have been 69.

And like we always say stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry!

God bless y’all, and hug somebody today.


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