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New Country Song Picks-January 2023

Updated: May 20, 2023


Hi this is Sana and Anna

We’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country with our picks for the hottest new releases so far. Our ears are about to drop off!

Yes, it seems like everyone released a new song in the past couple of weeks. We have 20 solid releases to share today, but before we dig in have you heard of United 24? Yes, it is an initiative steered by

Volodmir Zelensky the President of Ukraine. It was started to help rebuild the country as there is an ongoing war.

We’re so happy to see Brad Paisley join as an ambassador to help drive awareness to this important step forward. Please consider donating at

Interesting data based insights are starting to emerge concerning music listening habits in 2022.

For example, Radio is not quite dead. Last year’s stats are that 42% of Music Listeners discover music via AM / FM radio and 38% are discovering via Television. And when we look at country music specifically, we are still consuming music by way of radio though with short music videos and CDs tied for second place.

And we country fans are 31% more likely to buy merchandise at a show which is higher than almost any other genre w/ the exception of rock music. And also 31% of country fans discover music through TV shows. Which probably explains part of the popularity of Yellowstone.

But over 5 trillion audio and video streams were reached last year. That’s an increase of 24%!

43.5 million in sales for vinyl. Rock, Country, and Jazz are the top genres in vinyl sales.

On another note, The 65th Annual Grammy Awards is happening on February 5th at 3:30 EST on CBS. Willie Nelson is up for two awards this year. How cool is that!

It is very cool, and you know what else is cool? What else is cool Sana?

Some folks in Atoka Oklahoma have a new employer Reba McEntire. Reba’s place is a dream come true for the Oklahoma native and multi platinum star. It is a three story complex that will feature entertainment, shopping and yummy local cuisine. I wonder if there will be some Reba family recipes cooked there.. We’ll have to check it out.



Find out more at

Let’s dig in..


Luke Combs, Growing Up, and Gettin’ Old: a sobering look at life in your 30’s. Luke is now married, and with child. It happens so fast, Let's give it a spin.



Brent Giddens, Second Chances Written by Giddens and Michael Thompson. Released December 29 2022


Mae Estes, Run This is a song about fearing commitment. She wrote it years ago. Mae just recently released the single preceding her upcoming album.


Thomas Rhett, Angels Don’t Always Have Wings. One of his favorite songs from his latest album. It’s about appreciating the loved ones in your life who accept you despite your flaws.


Zakk Grandahl, Livin’ The Dream Written by Zakk and released December 23 2022.


Chapel Hart, Glory Days An upbeat song that celebrates the group’s current success. It was released ahead of their first headlining tour.


Doug Seegers, Rescue Somebody Released December 15th 2022.

He performed the song on NPR’s Finally Friday Home Show.


Mitch Rossell


This song is a tribute to his late father who tragically died when Rossell was 10. It is also about the healing he found having his first son.


Zachariah Malachi

Final Stages of Hank

A Hank Williams enthusiast who worked with the late Jimmy Capps, who died in 2020. Jeanie Seely is a fan of Zachariah. This cut was released December 16 2022 on the Album Local Bar Opry Star.



Unhang The Moon

A song about wishing one could get over a broken heart.

Released December 16 2022.


El Dorado

Bed of Roses

Released on Jan 13 2023

Written by Dan Burlectic.


Next up Mat Kennon

When Love Dies

Released to radio on January 23rd

Written by John Mcelroy. let’s give it a spin..


Next up a slightly humorous song by

Leah Marie Mason. It was co-written by Leah, Andrew Stoelzing, Blake Hubbard and Jarrod Ingram.

Let’s hear Holy Water.


Firefighter and Missouri native Hunter Thomas Mounce & Jenee Fleenor, the reigning CMA Fiddler of The Year with a song written by

Erin Enderlin, and Levi Lowrey

It’s titled Angel’s Share.


Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley - with a song they co wrote with the legendary Brent Maher

"Living In A Song"


We’ll be listening to Michael Warren, with Another Round next.

Catch him on Feb 9 THU at the Whiskey Jam in Nashville


Alana Springsteen, Ha! You Don’t Deserve a Country Song, you know who you are..


Let’s hear from Tyler Braden next with Neon Grave.


Jenna Paulette, You Ain’t No Cowboy playing now..


Easton Corbin, w/ Lonesome Drinkers, check out his new album Let’s Do Country Right.


We’re going to close out with a song from Chase Rice about mental health which by the way is one of the issues Luminate uncovered is most important to country music fans.

We’ve lost so many greats because of this.. Faron Young, Tom T Hall, Gary Stewart, Naomi Judd-the list is endless.

If you are in a not so great place in your life please dial 988 for help or Text HOME to 741741

You are not alone, and there is a help network ready to support you. has a slew of resources. Please visit the site for more information.


And don’t forget to check back on the 28th of each month for a new edition of Stone Cold Country jam-packed w/ new releases.

And on the 23rd of each month for the #Texassixpack where we feature 6-7 new songs from Texas area artists.

As we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry, God bless, and take care y’all.

You’ve been listening to the Stone Cold Country Show, an #onthebrink podcast 2023 all rights reserved.


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