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Podcast: New Country

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Our new country song picks for October 2023

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Hi this is Sana, and I’m Anna.

We are the ladies of Stone Cold Country, and these are our new country song picks for October 2023.

We played hooky last month y’all lol! Summer just goes too fast!

That it does..

Here we’re focusing on the new sounds of country

Oh, and prayers going up for Hardy and Chris Stapleton, both canceled tour dates. Chris has bronchitis and laryngitis, Godspeed

In Florida a bill was proposed to rename A1A, a coastal highway that spans from Key West past my hometown of St Augustine to honor Jimmy Buffett. The parrotheads will be happy!

And it’s not too early to talk about Christmas as Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi will be out on Oct. 27. For all our friends in the tristate area, check Jon out at the world famous Beacon Theater on December 16th, and those tickets are on sale now.

Strolling over to Billboard, Morgan Wallen’s One Thing At A Time is back at number one! 16 nonconsecutive weeks

Also “Thinkin’ Bout Me” by @MorganWallen has gone from #30 to #3 in just six weeks. That’s amazing

Toby Keith as of October 12th has the number one country song in digital sales. Don’t Let The Old Man Ih I’m sure was spurred by his epic performance on the first People's Choice Country Awards.

Oh my goodness, it was so hard to keep a dry eye during his performance. Yes, so moving as he is battling stomach cancer.

If you are wanting to move to Nashville, and have $8.75 million you can buy Bobby Bones' 5-acre property now.

Yes, it is listed on Six bedrooms, eight full baths and just minutes from downtown Nashville on Franklin Pike. You can email if you are interested.

All right, well let’s get things started. We have a lot of breakup songs this time around..We do, and first one up is Jacob Bryant.

  1. Jacob Bryant, Bird In A Cage @Jacobbryant1 He’s from North Georgia. A song about letting go of a partner that doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore

  2. Kidd G, Silverado In The Sky @the_kiddg Hamilton Georgia Written in honor of G’s deceased grandfather, who passed away in 2017. Kidd G hopes through it, that people can experience a similar connection.

  3. Let It Burn, Shaboozey @ShaboozeysJeans Fairfax, VA This song tells the story of a person running away from a painful relationship to start over again, leaving behind all their past memories, going through strife, to hopefully reach a better place.

  4. Garrett Jacobs, Chicago, TN @garrett_jacobs_ Bossier City, Louisiana In this tune, the singer reassures their ex partner that they’ll always be there for them, regardless whether they want to get back together or not, because they want them to be free.

  5. Chris Lane, Find Another Bar @iamchrislane Kernersville, North Carolina Heartbreak reaches another level of pain when you cross paths with your ex at your favorite bar. A recount of how anybody would feel seeing your ex lover move on with their life while you haven’t

  6. Mason & Julez, The Girl I Knew Melbourne, Australia @masonandjulez There seems to be a lot of good country singers from Australia! They are still in their teens, here’s to a long career. Let’s check out their latest single.

  7. 7ayton Smith, Same Thing @ThePaytonSmithFrom Louisiana

This is the title track from Payton’s new album just released on October 6th. Let’s give it a spin.

We’ve come to the end of another New Country Podcast. Check out our site for interesting stories on country music.

Yes like Five pro athletes that sing country. Waino from the St. Louis Cardinals and Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat are among the newest pro players that are taking the dive..

Can’t wait to hear the music once it is released.

And since we are heading into the holidays y’all just remember that many get the holiday blues. Sometimes just a text or quick phone call can make all the difference in the world..Also please consider donating to one simple wish. They make dreams come true for children every single day..

Like we always say:

Stay strong, stay true and stay hungry!

Keep faith and hope alive y’all, God bless.


A Little Note..

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