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Posty & Morgan Wallen Are Number One, Congrats!

Post Malone & Morgan Wallen

I love saying I told you so! :) Posty and Morgan Wallen will have everyone singing I Had Some Help through the summer, though there are some heavy hitters slated to release new music like the much anticipated Death of Slim Shady album. But, for now "I Had Some Help," is breaking records, and setting new firsts and standards..

Firstly, I believe it is Post Malone's lead single off of his country album debut. It is also his first number one as lead vocal.

The song is infectuous as all heck, and I catch myself singing it throughout the day. Yes, songs about messy breakups resonate. We've all been there, sigh..

The song is already setting a new standard by breaking first week streaming records. Posty earns his first country chart topper as It debuts at number one not only on Billboard's all genre chart, but also on Billboard's Hot Country Song chart.

It also sets a new standard by being the ONLY two male duet to top both the Hot 100, and Hot Country chart. Way to go gentleman. 👏 Morgan also earns an 8th country number one, and a second Hot 100 #1, AND, it's his first song to debut at number one.

I Had Some Help was added to every country radio station's rotation and was consistently the most added song the first week of its release. The song is now part of a very exclusive club of 2 dozen plus songs that have topped both the Hot 100, and Hot Country charts.

About the only thing I am not too crazy about in the song is the throwback 80's synth, but "somehow" it works in this tune.

Many familiar names on this co-write like Ashley Gorley, and Ernest.

The song is also currently number one on the Global 200 chart. I can't wait to hear Posty's country album as he's won everyone over with his heartfelt appreciation, and respect for country music.

Post did a fine job on HARDY'S HIXTAPE, Vol 3, Diff Tapes, which was a tribute to Joe Diffie. He covered Pick Up Man, and did a great job at the CMA Awards performing it live. Recently, he's also debuted this song.

If this song and his current smash I Had Some Help are any indication, his country album debut will be amazing. Catch Posty at The Governor's Ball this summer, and Bonnaroo. An official release date for Posty's country album debut has not been released yet.


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