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Single Spotlight: Lainey Wilson's Rolling Stone

Updated: May 12, 2023

For country music fans frequenting Honky Tonks From Peoria to Tuscaloosa Lainey Wilson might be a familiar, and welcome voice. The unprecedented success of her independently released 2016 album“Tougher”which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers- South Central chart, no doubt is a testament to Lainey’s growing, and loyal fan base.

A move to Nashville, and lots of hard work honing her songwriting skills has catapulted Lainey from a literal unknown to co-writing with Luke Combs! Additionally, she was also hand picked as one of CMT’s Next Women of Country Music. Not too shabby for a girl from Louisiana who strode into Nashville with no connections, and lived in a camper the first couple of years.

Sacrifices are nothing new to Lainey, and it comes through on her latest single “Rolling Stone” which she co-wrote with Tammi Kidd, and Brett Anderson. The song starts with the soft sound of a train picking up steam-soon embarking on a journey. 

It’s a very interesting choice as the song takes us on a ride through Lainey's emotional life..She's made tough decisions, and is standing by her dreams. The song is truly about Lainey’s unabashed commitment to her first love-the highway.

Literally, and metaphorically as the life of a troubadour is on the road, and is something Lainey knows much about. Before her label deal with Broken Bow Records, Lainey was already developing a fervent fan base by playing as an opening act for touring artists like Frank Foster. 

“Tougher” established Lainey as an independent free spirit with a tough as nails inner resolve. In “Rolling Stone” we hear a decisive individualist that will not let love stand in the way of her dreams.A tastefully executed Mandolin underscores the melancholic texture of the scene. She’s in bed with her boyfriend, the sun is peeking through. She glances at him, and can see the wheels turning in his head.

But she is cautioning him “Don’t give a rock to a rolling stone”..

The train keeps chuggin’ in the background because Lainey is not swayed even with the beautiful shared moments spent in a king sized bed. Fred Elltringham, who has played on records by Cheryl Crow, and Miranda Lambert lends a soft but unrelenting percussive beat which keeps the train/song moving forward

Vocally, I hear shades of Dolly, and Lee Anne Womack with a hint at the depth of her vocal range discernible in the bridge. Lainey’s voice is as sweet as honey, closely followed with a shot of whiskey. In other words, there is a bit of a sting, but it’s the good kind.. The kind that keeps you coming back for more.

The producer on this song, and on Lainey’s Redneck Hollywood EP 

is Jay Joyce who is known for his masterful audio creations. Just listen to Eric Church’s Desperate Man, and Girl Going Nowhere from Ashley Mcbryde, and you’ll hear what I mean. “Rolling Stone” is a bittersweet warning, but playing it safe is so overrated. 

Catch Lainey streaming live on Facebook, and Instagram. Check her page for details. Also look for dates with Justin Moore this fall.

Artist: Lainey Wilson

Label: Broken Bow


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