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#TexasSixPack: February

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Hot New Songs From Texas Area Artists!




You’re listening to the TexasSixPack!

We feature six new releases from Texas area artists that you should be adding to your station, show, playlists, and sharing across social media.

The Texas Six Pack was a feature we created in late 2018 for our Stone Cold Country radio show. Due to the incredible popularity of the segment, we’ve decided to roll it out as a stand alone podcast with new episodes on the 23rd of each month.

We like to lead off with a little news from the longhorn state. Bob Wills is still the king of western swing and every year on March 6th Oklahoma pays tribute to the legend. Who by the way is one of only 11 country artists in both The Country Music Hall of Fame and The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

Well, this year, Texas will also pay tribute to Mr. Wills with festivities at the Texan in Athens. Tickets are $35.00, get them now. More info at

And speaking of Texas music, did you know that the Texas music industry employed hundreds of thousands of Texans last year and generated more than $26 billion dollars? Wow, good job Texas!

Texas native Wade Bowen was in the area almost all of February. Hope y’all caught him. Join his text club to stay on top of all his stuff. Text “JOIN” to 855-749-1892 , and check out his latest album Somewhere Between The Secret And The Truth.


First up we have a former Nashvillian & ACM nominee

Deryl Dodd, with Back To You, already getting massive traction on Texas radio with just six weeks on the Texas Regional Radio Chart

Artist: Daryl Dodd

Song: Back To You

Songwriter:Brett Beavers, Deryl Dodd

Label:Little Red Truck Music



Next up we have Wesley Hanna who, along with engineering classic new traditional tunes is also an engineer in the oil and gas industry.

Wesley Hanna, Texas Road Trip

Songwriter:Wesley Wayne Hanna

Label:Smith Music Group



Our next artist has been in the music business for decades and is recognized and nominated several times over by Texas Regional Radio. Check her out at Calvary Court in College Station on March 11th.

Jenni Dale Lord, Love You Like Your Leavin’

Release Date: June 14 2022

Songwriter:Ava Paige, Corey Lee Barker, Kelli Johnson, Terry Wayne


Artist Website:



Next up! A Texas native who is a 2022 European Country Music Hall of Fame member, and guest starred on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry.

Artist: Randy C. Moore,

Song: Before Elvis

Songwriter:Gene Whatley, Randall C Moore

Label:Highway 59 Records

Artist Website:



From Inez Texas, Mason Lively is next up with a record

produced by Wade Bowen

Artist: Mason Lively

Song: Someone Else

Release Date:Feb 10 2023

Songwriter:Adam Wood, Joe Leathers

Label: Independent

Artist Website:



Up next is Darrin Morris, who has done well with several award wins in Texas. His latest is already rising up the charts.

Artist: Darrin Morris

Song: God Made Me a Cowboy

Released: Jan 30, 2023

Songwriters: Kyle Jackson-Rach key, Randy Morrison & Steve Smentek


Twitter: @darrinmorrisban


Up next is Hayden Baker, who Ronnie Dunn signed to his Perfect Pitch publishing company. Hayden has received high praise from none other than Brad Paisley and Ronnie Dunn.

Artist: Hayden Baker

Song: Just Talkin’

Release Date:Feb 10 2023

Songwriter:Ariel Boetel, Dakota Striplin, Hayden Baker

Label: Independent

Artist Website:



We’re going to close out with the latest from one of our faves Jamie Richards. His latest album, The Real Deal which by the way was released on my birthday. Did you know that? Talk about coincidences!

Well the album, after almost three years since its release, is still churning out hits.

Artist: Jamie Richards

Song: Lakeview Grocery Store

Release Date: June 22 2021

Songwriter:Jamie Richards, Walt Wilkins

Label:Winding Road Music

Artist Website:



Don’t forget to check back on the 23rd every month for a fresh installment of the #TexasSixPack, and on the 28th for our top pick everywhere else.

Like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

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