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Top Country Song Picks (Q3)

Updated: May 20, 2023

We’re back y’all! These are our Q3 song picks spanning from July to September 2022. The vast majority of our picks tip their hat to Hank, George and Merle. Which supports our mission to bridge the old w/ the new. That’s right Sana, it’s always important to remember those that came before. Hey I have an interesting little factoid for you.

Do you know who holds the Guinness Book of World Records most wins in the Male Vocalist of the Year? It is Merle Haggard (USA) in the years 1966, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1974 and 1981.6X

And our first artist on deck loves Merle so much, he wrote a song titled Merle Haggard.

You’re talking about Jameson Rodgers. Our first song on deck is Things That Matter.- it is his first single since his hit debut release last year, Bet You’re From a Small Town. Jameson co-wrote this song, and says it’s one of the most serious songs he’s written. Yes, When he’s in the country, back home in Mississippi or on the water, he thinks about things that matter, let’s hear it.

Next up is Landon Heights-Me & The Bottle; He’s From Temple, TX here’s a song that took us by surprise. It has a Waylon meets possum feel, and deals with a subject we can all relate to heartbreak. I like that he name checks Keith whitley. Definitely a strong nod towards traditional country. Landon also won the 2022 Josie for traditional Country Vocalist let’s hear it

Drake Milligan Feat Vince Gill-Go Down Swingin’- You may have seen Drake on America’s Got Talent, and playing Elvis on CMT’s Sun Records. This song truly encapsulates our mission bridging the old with the new. It has that classic western swing sound, but it’s a new song co-written by Drake. And vince gill on here is like the cherry on a sunday. Texahoma represented well here. Pick up drake’s latest album Dallas/fort worth for more great music. Let’s give this one a swing..

Jacob Bryant-Addicted to the Heartbreak-From Georgia, Jacob draws from a deep well of George jones, and Hank Jr here. I like the soulfullness in Jacob’s vocal delivery. It really sounds like he’s dropping some emotional truths in this song. We’re here for it. Bring back sad to country music! Here here!

Craig Morgan-That’s How You Make a Man

Craig was overtaken by this song as soon as he heard it. The message is clear, Persevering through and becoming stronger through hardships, Craig says, that is what makes a better man, and a better person. Craig lost his 19 y/o son just a couple of years ago in a tragic accident. When he says hardships make you stronger, I believe him. Let’s hear it.

Shaker Hymns-Thrift Store Chair they hail From San Marcos TX, their name is inspired from a line in Morgan Street, a Turnpike troubadours song., Shaker hymns is committed to creating music for the working man, with their roots in rock, honkytonk and a little bit of everything. Their latest single narrates the process of a relationship that’s gradually falling apart with a refreshing earnesty. Give it a listen.

Williams Brothers-Tears only run one way: this song, and the other tracks on the album Memories To Burn were recorded 25 years ago, but never released! The brothers were already pursuing other careers. Andrew is a record producer and David is in architecture. and landscape design. It was released now through buddy Marvin Etzioni’s Regional Records label. Andrew and David are the nephews of Andy Williams, yes that andy williams,and had even opened up for Roy Orbison back in the day. Love love this song, such great harmonies! Let’s check it out.

Ben Fuller-Chasing Rebels A farmer’s son, Ben says this gospel song is the testimony of his own spiritual journey and victory over addiction, The song was written with Micheal Farren & Tony Wood. and is Currently available on his latest album Who I Am.

We love honoring, and exploring the enduring connection between gospel, and country music. This one is a keeper, let’s hear it..

So many great songs gosh!

We’re not done yet Sana. There were several honorable mentions we want everyone to check out.

Like Jason Byrd-Honkytonk and the Altar Florida native and longtime firefighter, Byrd delivers songs with heart, including this tune which is about being real

Scott Southworth-That’s Country, No Matter What Country

A collaborative effort that includes various artists from across the globe celebrating the love of country from around the world.

Luke Laprade-“Welcome Home” Luke is an up, and comer from East Texas that is showing some strong writing on this song. Can’t wait to hear more.

From Alabama Chad Wilson-The Devil

A third generation musician raised on country & gospel. This is an important song about suicide prevention, and was released during Suicide Awareness Month

Darrin Morris- Like Whiskey: A fun song, and we need more fun songs too y’all. It’s about being in love with a special someone.

And that will close out our top song picks for Q3. Look for our year end wrap up where we share our favorite albums for 2022. That podcast will be available on Monday January 2, 2023 on all major streaming platforms, but we always say listen to us on Pandora since we are one of the very few country themed podcasts on that platform. You can also check out most of our podcasts on

Like we always say stay strong stay true, and stay hungry have a great rest of your week, and god bless

You’ve been listening to Stone Cold Country’s #onthebrink podcast all rights reserved 2022


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