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Podcast: Texas Country Six Pack

Updated: Mar 30

New country music from artists with Texas area roots

Top Texas country music podcast, New country music from Texas

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Hello friends! I’m Sana, and I’m Anna. We’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country with a fresh edition of the #TexasSixPack.

This time around there are six songs from artists with Texas area roots that you should add to your playlists, radio station, blogs and share across social media.

The Texas Six Pack was a feature we created in late 2018 for our former Stone Cold Country radio show. Due to the incredible popularity of the segment, in January 2023,we decided to roll it out as a stand alone podcast.

Before we dig in I just wanted to share a new addition to my family Anna. We are besties, but she doesn’t know everything. Well, I know you’ve noticed I’ve been hard to reach lately.

Yes, I have..

Well, one of my birthday gifts was a set of blue tooth bose headphones and speakers!


Oh my gosh, I love them so much! Even in the mountains of north carolina they worked flawlessly. And I never have any trouble connecting to my Iphone to listen to music. Definitely check it out at, and you know what, get $25.00 off on me by using ---- when you check out. Trust me, you will love them!

Sounds great Sana!

Well let’s share some noteworthy news from the longhorn state.

Deer season is fastly approaching, yum yum, and the Texas white tail deer population has soared due to the rainfall this past spring. Which in turn made the weeds and plants sprout providing the necessary nourishment for the fawns. That’s right, the bottom line is the great state of Texas has seen a surge in their deer population.

If you are interested in trying your luck in the lonestar state, Check out the My Texas Harvest App to start the permitting process.. I love deer. I make mine w/ apple cider and bacon. Protein is good for the body especially if you are gym rats like us..

More great news from Texas. Passes for the Big As Texas Fest lol.. That almost sounded bad! Passes are available now for the festival.. Grab them at

2024’s lineup include Thomas Rhett, Dwight Yoakam, Corey Kent and so many many more. Check it out. The fest is held at the Montgomery Fairgrounds from May 10-12th 2024.

Featured Songs

  1. Willie Nelson, Sad Song & Waltzes @WillieNelson from his bluegrass album which sits at number one on the Billboard Bluegrass charts!

  2. We always like finding indie artists, and came across Joey Green from Crowley, Texas living the dream in Nashville now. The song we are including is Heart Lesson let’s give it a spin. @joeygreenmusic

  3. Up next is another new find for us Chris Ryan, with Scared To Go to Church. He gets a little help from Jelly Roll on this one @ChrisRyanTX323 Bexar County, Texas @JellyRoll615

  4. Mike Donnell, Still Callin’ Me lol, this song is just so real. And I’m going to leave it at that. Let’s hear it.. @mikedonnellband Houston, Texas

  5. Another indie find Brad Miles from Shallowater, Texas., Whiskey- Great message! @bradjmiles Shallowater, TX

  6. We’re going to close out with I Came Here To Drink, Jeremy Studdard/ft. Jamie Richard both from Oklahoma boys@jeremy_studdard @JRichardsBand

It is such a pretty state. Yes, but those tornados.. I’ve about had it with our hurricanes here in Florida despite being a native. Hear hear. Are there any states with lots of lakes that don’t usually have tornadoes or hurricanes? Hmm.. I wonder too..

Checkout our other podcasts like The New Traditional country podcast for traditional leaning country music and our New Country Podcast for songs with a modern country sound. Sign up at to stay updated on new podcast episodes. And please support us on Pandora by listening there as we are one of a hand-picked few reppin’ the wide landscape of country music on the platform.

And look for our Honky Tonkin series wrap up on November 5th. That series was so much fun to do. It was especially eye opening to discover how, and why country music evolved. And there are still some hardcore troubadours out there

That are keepers of the flame. Welove to hear it, and thank you.

And like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

Consider making a donation to the charities on our blog post during the holiday season. You can make a difference don’t forget that, God bless..


Please help kids and families this Christmas!


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