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10 Things About Hayden Haddock

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Texas Up, and Comer is Making His Way Up The Charts..
Hayden Haddock

Back in 2018, I was on a business trip in the great state of Texas.

Flipping through channels, and getting ready to seize the day when I came across a news channel that was interviewing a country artist, I had never heard of. As a matter of fact, the young man did not have any music out yet, but had started playing shows in, and around College Station.

And though, you really can't judge a book by its cover, there was an easily detected sincerity in how he spoke that made me want to hear his songs. As I moved along packing stuff, and getting ready, the young man started to strum, and sing..

"I'm dealing with emotions overwhelming.."

Though I was half listening busy buzzing around trying to get things done-the heartfelt vocal delivery of the song was undeniable.

Unfortunately, I was on my way back to Florida that night, and could not catch him playing. What I did do was look him up on Youtube, and found a tsunami of music that had not been released, but mostly some awesome covers.

It would be about six months before Hayden Haddock would finally release his first EP "First Rodeo". So many good songs

on his debut, but the one tune I immediately loved was

Don't Bother Calling. I've been a fan ever since.

Naturally, when I put together the podcast series "The New Traditionalists" for #OnTheBrink, I immediately thought of Hayden. The series squarely focuses on 6 handpicked rising country stars under the age of 25, that we feel are keeping it country.

Hayden's music has a very strong traditional country foundation in the vein of George Strait/Cody Johnson. But at the same time, he uses fresh arrangements that give the songs a modern sound without losing his Texas twang.

I think Hayden is on track to have the type of career most only dream of.. Trust me, it is just a matter of time before the major labels start knocking on his door. With that being said, it was super cool to get to talk to Hayden in October about his latest release, and his life. Hayden is just starting out in his career, and has two albums under his belt. His latest "Red Dirt Texas" really displays the growth in his songwriting, and a more polished vocal delivery. Anyone that can appreciate a soaring steel will like this album.

It's possible that you haven't heard about Hayden yet, so here are ten things about Hayden that will give you a peek into the life of this rising country star! Don't sleep on this one, Hayden is on his way up jump on the band wagon now!


10 Things About Hayden Haddock

1. Hayden's college buddies recorded him, and leaked the video to social media. That's how Hayden got his start in country music!

2. Hayden's first full album is Red Dirt Texas, and was produced by Cody Johnson's producer Trent Willmon!

3. He cowrote the lead single "Where You Come In".

4. When he was 8, he was diagnosed w/ Type I Diabetes.

5. He's an Aggie!. Currently a junior majoring in Management at Texas A&M.

6. Hayden is a huge Elvis Presley fan!

7. Not only is he talented, he also has a heart of gold! Hayden has lent his talents to many charities including HeartGift.

The organization provides heart surgery to kids all over the world that can't afford it.

8. Hayden is a big fan of 90's country!

9. For Hayden's 21st birthday, he had Margarita's & Mexican food at Jimmy's.

10. Early on Hayden had to make a choice between music, and his then girlfriend.. I guess we know what he picked..


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