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Morgan Wallen's Chair

Updated: Apr 27

Morgan Wallen wowed fans with a soulful and noteworthy performance this past Saturday at the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. The Ole Miss crowd have been waiting since last year to see the country boy from East Tennessee perform his string of chart toppers live. On Saturday, April 20, Morgan made good on his promise to come back and perform after canceling the shows due to losing his voice last year. The shows were canceled via the stadium’s video screens.

He clearly has a sense of humor as this time around the screens displayed a quite different announcement..

Ladies and  gentlemen, fortunately Morgan has a full voice and is very able to perform tonight. Therefore, he’s ready to run this sh**t back and make things right..

He opened the show with Broadway Girls, a song that featured Lil Durk and topped the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts in 2022. Broadway seems to be a recurring place of interest for Morgan as he is opening a six story eatery on the famous Nashville strip. 

This Bar, and Tennessee Kitchen is named after a song included in his 2021 Dangerous double album. An official date for the grand opening has not been announced, but the general consensus is it will be later this year. This is what the blue eyed singer says about his new venture..

“I sing about finding myself in ‘this bar’ and now it’s coming to life. This venue will hold true to everything I love and is inspired by my fans and the way they have embraced me and my music. We're designing a menu around some of my family favorites, so it brings a piece of East Tennessee to Music City. I hope This Bar is a place you’ll want to find yourself in and make memories with your friends and family and celebrate the way country music has brought us all together.” 

I wonder if they’ll serve Chess Pie, Game meat, or Chicken dumplings? I hope they publish the menu before the grand opening. At the Ole Miss show, Morgan spoke candidly about a time in high school when he was almost cut from the baseball team for being rowdy. But then as well as now, he had people that believed in him. See the video below.

In the video, he said he was still a little rowdy, many feel the comment is a reference to an incident on April 7th. Morgan was at Eric Church’s Chief‘s restaurant when he threw a chair from the rooftop. It fell a couple of feet away from 3 police officers. Morgan was charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor. No one was hurt. He was released hours later on a $15,250 bond.

When I first heard about Morgan Wallen's chair incident, I thought for sure it was a publicity stunt. Morgan and Erich Church’s single Man Made a Bar was steadily climbing up the charts at the time. It topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart the following week after the incident. Morgan’s court date is set for May 3. Morgan, at the very least looked very happy in his mugshot. :)

Morgan Wallen arrest

Morgan Wallen breaks his silence on incident with a formal apology. See below..

Morgan Wallen Throws chair

Morgan Wallen arrest

Apparently, Morgan was not the only person feeling a little rowdy. At the Ole Miss concert Hunter Flanagan was arrested when he kicked and spat at two officers. Law enforcement was alerted that a fight had broken out at the event. When they went to investigate, they encountered Hunter embroiled in a fight. The attempt to break up the skirmish apparently, set Mr. Flanagan off. He is facing multiple charges including assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Morgan, on the other hand, found time to grant a wish to Jayla Hibbler. Morgan's charity connected with The Make-a-Wish Foundation to make the 12 year old's dream of meeting her favorite singer a reality The brave middle schooler is battling cancer, and had just completed her chemo and radiation treatments. Meeting Morgan was a dream come true for Jayla. What a beautiful smile!

Morgan has also been busy professionally as he recently inked a global publishing deal with Warner Chappell, and partnered with Eric Church to revive the iconic Field & Stream brand. A tip of the hat for carrying on a tradition established in 1871! My papaw had a huge collection of the magazines, and now a new generation will discover it as well. There are also unconfirmed rumors that he might be opening a second restaurant in Las Vegas..

Morgan has several shows coming up including an appearance at Stagecoach, and back to back shows at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

If you can get tickets, go see him as it does look like he puts his heart into his performances.

And believe it or not, The Chair is now a popular tourist stop at Chief's as spectators are eager to see what was thrown off of the rooftop of the restaurant.. There are even memes and Tik Tok videos concerning "The Chair".. sigh.. Expect Morgan's remake of George Strait's iconic The Chair soon, lol.. All kidding aside, prayers going up for the best possible outcome on the May 3rd court date. Keep your heart light and your spirits up. 🙏


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I was at that show. He had some of us in tears

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