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Beach Country: 5 Country Music Festivals You Can't Miss

Updated: Mar 28

Picture living 24/7 on the beach, and watching your favorite band play live on a stage framed by golden sand, the sounds of crashing waves with palm trees swaying in the breeze and the sun setting on the horizon. Sounds like paradise, well it is though I might be biased being from North Florida. But once you figure in the high cost of home insurance, the never ending threat of tornadoes, and the humidity, oh my God the humidity, even a native like me will eventually look for cooler weather.

The second best thing to living close to the beach is definitely attending concerts on or in close proximity to the beach. You can benefit from the unique and unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of nature with the power of music which is near impossible to beat..

This combination of natural beauty and live music truly creates an immersive experience unlike any other. If you are thinking about a laid-back vibe, and good tunes in an atmosphere of camaraderie then a beachside concert is the way to go. Here are five beachside festivals you should check out with four still within reach and one happening in 2024 that you can start planning for today.

Beach Country
TidalWave Country Music Festival

You can still catch this one! The Tidal Wave Music Festival was started when a group of passionate country music enthusiasts saw an opportunity to create a unique sensory journey for fans. Recognizing the growing popularity of country music, they decided to bring together some of the best artists in the industry for a weekend celebration that would showcase not only established acts but also provide a platform for up-and-coming talent.

Tidal Wave has gained unprecedented traction and developed a strong following, drawing thousands of fans from all across the country. Just a heads up, you can hear the music, and see the jumbo screens from the boardwalk, but you will NOT be able to dock your boat off the beach.

More info here.


Beach Country
Country Bay Music Festival

Still time for this one too! The Country Bay Music Fest is in its inaugural year! As noted in the flyer above, some amazing talent will be performing, so be sure to get your tickets now. The festival is in Key Biscayne at the Miami Marine Stadium. Gourmet food, and a honky tonk bar is sure to please AND you can even attend on your boat! Check all the deets here.


Beach Country
BeachLife Ranch Country Music Festival

Here's a funky little festival in its second year that really brings together mainstream country, americana, and bluesy amalgamations. The overall goal is to bring the cowboy surfer beach culture vibe to music while helping worthy veteran charities locally, and nationally. The festival organizers are Waylon & Willie fans, and bring that feel to the festival. Based on this year's lineup, it seems like there is something for everybody. This is the only Country/Americana music festival in

Southern Cali that is on the beach. Check out all the information here.


Coastal Country Jam is coming up in September. Its an annual music festival that brings together country music lovers from across the United States for a weekend of live performances, memorable experiences, and celebration. The event was first established in 2017 by Orange County-based concert promoter Activated Events.

Since its inception, Coastal Country Jam has become one of the most highly anticipated festivals on the West Coast country music scene. Drawing inspiration from iconic coastal destinations such as Huntington Beach and Dana Point, the festival embraces its oceanfront location to create a distinctive atmosphere like no other. This year attendees will be treated to performances by Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard, Scotty McCreery and many more.


Beach Country
Gulf Coast Jam

The Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida, is a highly anticipated annual country music festival that draws thousands of visitors from across the nation. Situated on the stunning Gulf Coast, this event offers attendees a unique blend of top-tier musical performances, coastal recreation, and a vibrant local culture. Spanning three days, the festival showcases renowned country artists who take to the stage to entertain fans with their chart-topping hits and performances.

In addition to music, you can indulge in a wide array of food vendors offering delectable cuisines and refreshing beverages. The scenic backdrop of Panama City Beach provides the ideal setting for guests to relax on white sandy beaches or partake in exciting water activities such as jet skiing and paddleboarding during breaks between sets.

The Gulf Coast Jam is undeniably an unparalleled experience for those seeking an unforgettable escape on Florida's enchanting Gulf Coast.

This year Morgan Wallen and Jelly Roll are headlining. Just a heads up VIP tickets are already sold out.. Its a bummer, but there are still some festival passes left here.

As of this blog post, there were roughly 61 days left until the end of summer. The end of summer heralds a period of transition; it serves as a gentle reminder that time moves forward relentlessly, urging us all to adapt and anticipate what lies ahead. While the end of summer may bring cooler weather and different activities, attending beach concerts allows us to extend the summer fun throughout the year..


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