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Country Music Legends: Webb Pierce

Updated: Apr 26

Webb has a new album out!

A podcast on the voices that shaped country music


1955 was an iconic year that created seismic shifts in culture that encompassed music, and our day-to-day lives. For those of us that rely on stories from the old-timers, books, music, and movies to tell the tales of history, it is easy to see that we only know half of the story. But like Paul Harvey use to say "Now here's the rest of the story.."

With inflation at an all-time low, and lots of jobs, workers were flushed with cash. Many took the trek from small town America to the expanding bedroom communities adjacent to the busy populated cities across America. Ever ready to meet the demand of a growing, and mobile populace, Mc Donald's opened it's first eatery, and Coca Cola introduced it's first canned beverage adding to the socially driven environment.

Two years prior, Hank's death in 1953 left a gaping hole in country music. The defect0 predecessor, many assumed would be Lefty Frizzell, but it did not work out that way. As a matter of fact, Lefty's last number one was in 1952. He charted no top ten hits from 1955- 1957. And his next, and final number one was in 1964.

On the other hand, a young vet from Louisiana was quietly gaining traction as a heartfelt wailing tenor. Equally influenced by Western swing, Cajun music, and Traditional country, Webb was growing his audience one fan at a time on the Louisiana Hayride. He assembled some of the finest, yet albeit unknown local musicians to further shape his iconic honky tonk sound. His ensemble included Floyd Cramer, The Wilburns, and Faron Young all of which went on to have noteworthy careers on their own.

Decca Records soon caught wind of the handsome, and wildly talented young man from the bayou, and signed him to a contract that lasted almost the entirety of his career. Webb was the Honky Tonk King of the 50's, and charted more hits than Lefty, Hank, and

a myriad of other popular honky tonk artists of the time.

Webb Pierce's accomplishments include

  • 13 Billboard number one singles

  • 68+ Top Forty Hits

  • Country Music Hall Of Fame

  • Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame

  • Hollywood Walk Of Fame

  • Grand Ole Opry Member

Randy Travis, George Strait, and even Bob Dylan have cited Webb as influences, a testament to his enduring legacy. As our focus with this blog, and podcast is to bridge the old with the new, we were elated to hear about the new compilation of hits released by Country Rewind Records.

What follows are the details of the release, and ways to hear, and purchase this iconic collection. We talk more about the new offering, and play a couple of Web's best tunes in the podcast included here. It was great to talk to Webb Pierce, Jr. concerning his father's legacy, and his advice for the up, and comers in country music now. Enjoy y'all!


Artist: Webb Pierce

Title: A Country Boy Singing His Heart Out

Selection: CRRX 226

UPC: 027779022606 Price Code: $9.99

Label: Country Rewind Records

Street Date: July 29, 2022

Produced by: Rex Allen Jr.

for Boxer Productions

Executive Producer: Thomas Gramuglia

Re-recording and Mastering Engineer: Aaron Dethridge

Recorded at Eastside Manor Studio, Nashville, TN

Electric Guitar: Dug Grieves

Fiddle: Ernie Reed

Acoustic Guitar: Rex Allen Jr.

Background Vocals: Diane Manon, Deegee

McCall, Ben Hall and Rex Allen Jr.

Liner Notes: Preshias Harris

Graphic Design: JT Wathen at Nashville

Music Design, Nashville, TN - St. Augustine, FL






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