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Five Country Singers With Big Hearts

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Country artists that are spreading hope by giving back

Country music has a longstanding tradition of caring as evidenced through our music which often shares the plight of the poor, down-trodden, and broken-hearted. Our deep-rooted values of compassion, empathy, and community are a hallmark of the music, and culture.

We highlight real world problems which fosters a sense of responsibility beyond the stage. With so much going on in the world, it's important to remember that there are still some amazing people making a difference. We're highlighting five performers that are not only rocking the stage, but within the past twelve months, they have also shared some pretty awesome acts of kindness. They're out there, making the world a better place, one small act at a time, and we love it!

Keith Urban

Keith stole the hearts of country fans in 2002 with Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me which was from his 3x platinum album Golden Road. Since then, the native New Zealander has won 4 Grammys, is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and victoriously conquered his substance abuse challenges, which he has openly discussed.

On December 2022, just in time for the holidays, Keith donated $250,000 to four Nashville area charities. The charities impacting lives

in the local Nashville community and beyond are as follows:

In the past, Keith has also contributed to MusiCares, ACM Lifting Lives, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The singer is also an advocate for music education, and won the 2017 GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards in recognition of his support Also in 2016, Keith won

The Artist Humanitarian Award from the Country Radio Seminar for his continued philanthropic efforts.


Chris Stapleton

Country singers with big hearts
Chris Stapleton

Chris is gifted with an immediately recognizable soulful voice that got our attention when he was a member of The Steeldrivers. But Chris started garnering attention via his songwriting chops with early cuts by

Josh Turner, and George Strait well before his 6x platinum debut Traveler. Since then, it's been almost impossible to win any awards in a category Chris is nominated in lol..

Just like his impassioned vocal delivery, the 8x Grammy winner also has a tremendous heart for people. Despite his unprecedented success, and fame, Chris has never forgotten where he is from. The Kentucky native along with his wife Morgane established the Outlaw State Of Kind Hometown Fund to help a variety of worthy causes across their home state.

Since this article is highlighting philanthropy in the past 12 months, we want to share that Chris is currently on tour, and a portion of every concert's revenue goes to charity! Some of the initiatives that have been helped by this astounding level of generosity include:

On Tuesday, October 11th, 2022, Chris headlined Kentucky Rising, a benefit concert to help the victims of the devastating storms that wreaked havoc on Eastern Kentucky, and St Louis. Over 40 people died, and many are still missing. The concert raised over $2.5M dollars

for those impacted by the catastrophic weather. The benefit was organized by Chris's Hometown Fund.

It is a tremendously pure and rewarding moment to get to provide the medicine that is music...

Chris Stapleton


Toby Keith

Country singers with big hearts
Toby Keith

Toby has literally fought with the devil this past year. The National Medal Of Arts recipient was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2021.

The latest reports look positive, and he is planning a possible fall tour in the midst of radiation, chemo therapy, and everything else, goodness!

And still, the 15x ACM awardee managed to find time to host his

19th Annual Golf Classic event this past June. The fundraiser netted over a million dollars for kids with cancer, and their respective families.

Toby's foundation also built the OK Kids Korral. nine years ago about three hundred families are helped by the charity. All of these humanitarian gives are provided through the Toby Keith Foundation.

Here are some of the other charities Mr. Keith supports:

Wishing Toby a clean bill of health in the coming months, and an amazing concert run, godspeed!


The Chief

Country singers with big hearts
Eric Church

Eric Church is our country Bruce Springsteen! He's a great songwriter, and live performer, and one of my personal faves.

He also has a heart of gold, and is involved in several charitable works. Recently, in November 2022, Eric teamed up with Allegiance to create an American made flag product. The sales proceeds go to the veteran organization Folds Of Honor.

Of course this is all made possible through Chief Cares, an organization founded by Eric, and his wife Katherine. The organization helped over 2 Million people globally throughout its ten year history. The Chief is also slated to play the Heels4Life benefit in August 2023. The proceeds help support the student athletes at the University of North Carolina.

And Eric also played at the Raise The Roof charity in March 2023, which helps victims of catastrophic events with disaster relief. All these charities are doing great things to help our fellow humans, but what I loved the most was hearing about the team up w/ Fandiem. Because giving back is so important to Eric, he is sharing the opportunity to do so with fans.

Fandiem provides the opportunity to win unique fan experiences when you donate to a charity. Talk about creating an incentive! Fans were given the opportunity to win everything from tickets to his current Outsiders tour to a Hummingbird guitar. I really love this as it gets people excited about fostering a caring, and giving community.

At different times in his career Eric has supported the following charities:

In 2022, Eric's had one of the top grossing tours in any genre.

The Chief is also 7x ACM awardee, 4x CMA awardee, honored with the prestigious North Carolina Award, and was inducted into the Music City Walk of Fame in May 2023.. Additionally, there is an impressive Eric Church exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame through June 2024.

It might be a little too early to consider The Chief for induction into the CMHOF, but it is inevitable..


Morgan Wallen

Country Singers With Big Hearts
Morgan Wallen

Arguably the top country, and pop artist right now, Morgan Wallen has persevered through incredible obstacles including bouncing back from an unfortunate vocal injury. There are two ways life-impacting situations can shape you. One way is to become bitter, and the other is to become better. From what I'm seeing Morgan has decided on the latter.

Case in point, Morgan Wallen has two sold out shows at the Petco Park in San Diego. The singer became aware that one of the college students that was murdered at a Idaho University on November 2022 was Ethan Chapin, 20, of Conway, Washington, a fan of the singer. What makes this even more soul crushing is that the young man dedicated "Thought You Should Know", a song Morgan wrote for his momma, to his own mother on Mother's Day before his tragic passing.

Morgan invited the Chapin family as his guest on the opening night of the San Diego dates, and in a full circle moment, Morgan's mom was also there to greet them.. The singer donated an undisclosed amount to Ethan's Smile ,a charity honoring the victims of the Idaho murders.

And since we are focusing on recent acts of kindness, I wanted to highlight an incredibly sweet moment during Morgan's comeback concert. Of course, we had previously shared, Morgan made a sizable donation to Chicago's Bessemer Park complex on June 22, 2023, when he commenced his One Night At A Time tour. It kicked off with two record-breaking sold out dates at Wrigley Field.

In attendance was 19 year-old 2x cancer survivor Karlie.

Though she was sitting several yards away from the stage, and outside of Morgan's view, the fans noticed her sign, and helped her get to the front of the stage.

Morgan Wallen
Karlie: 2x Cancer Survivor

Karlie had been living at the Rush University Children's Hospital for the past three years. Suffice to say, beating cancer twice, and meeting her favorite artist is something she will never forget. Keep fighting Karlie!

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen Makes A Fan's Wish Come True..

Here are some additional organizations Morgan has supported:

Morgan is also scheduled to perform at the Covenant School Benefit Concert. It will be held at the Opry House on August 7th, 2023.

You can purchase tickets here while still available.

Also, keep in mind that every Morgan Wallen concert ticket purchase gives $3.00 back to the Morgan Wallen Foundation. Many of the donations mentioned previously are made through Morgan's charitable organization.

Morgan is the reigning ACM Male Vocalist Of The Year, and holds the top spot on three Billboard Country Music Charts, and the Songs Of Summer Chart. He was also The Country Music Association's 2020 New Male Vocalist awardee, and has won awards from Billboard. iHeart, And American Music. Morgan Wallen currently holds 29 platinum certifications.

I hope these incredible instances of generosity, and goodwill motivate you to do the same, and more. Some additional charities to consider that we support include:

Matthew 25 Ministries, International Christian Concern, CBN, and the CMA Foundation. When it comes to creating a better world, giving to charity is a powerful and essential tool.

Whether through financial contributions, volunteering time, or donating resources, the act of giving has the potential to make a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Beyond the immediate benefits received by those in need, giving to charity offers numerous advantages for the giver as well.

From the fulfillment of emotional and psychological needs to the potential for financial incentives, the act of giving not only benefits others but also enriches the lives of the donors themselves.

Here is a tool that might help you pinpoint other organizations that are doing great things in your areas of interest. I wholeheartedly encourage you to pay it forward, and to do your part to make the world a better place..


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