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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Y'all! Can you believe that Father's Day is only 102 years old? It originated in Spokane, Washington by way of Sonora Dodd. She was an Arkansas native who was raised by her single dad. The first celebration ever was held in West Virginia in 1908, but Soñora is credited as the founder of the holiday. Why? She was the only person to actively pursue legislation to make the day a national holiday. Her efforts paid off in 1916 when then President Woodrow Wilson declared Father's Day a national holiday. Her father American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart was able to witness this amazing feat by his daughter. He died three years later.


Señora Smart and Dad.


Celebrating amazing dads is nothing new to country music. I honestly cannot begin to list every song that pays homage to our daddies, but it would be remiss of me, if I didn't at least list my favorite from Conway Twitty. At their best as the song plainly shows, poppas can be caring, loving,, and protective. The song underscores the importance of a strong solid role model.


Country music has always been about celebrating family, and dads can be a significant part of that equation. I thought it would be fun to see our favorite artists, and their daddies, You can definitely see the resemblance with some..

Naamon Orville Frizzell & a toddler Lefty Frizzell


Akan Jackson & Daddy Gene


John and George Strait


George Jones Dad & Mom


Jon Pardi and Dad


Johnny Cash & Dad


I originally wrote this piece last year. As we celebrate Father's Day, I wanted to honor all the fine fathers that have graced our lives whether by birth, choice, as friends or co-workers, they all deserve to be recognized. But the more I thought about it, there is really nothing that I can think of that best encapsulates the love, tenderness, and influence a father, can have on their children than a page out of my own life. It is a memory I repeatedly go back to that in some respects shaped the road I'm traveling on.




I remember going to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City when I was knee-high. My dad was a Fleet Mechanic, and worked long hours. Going anywhere besides church, and a place called The Ponderosa now, and then was tough due to his schedule, and on call status. Though we did take off in the summer. Usually, to see my godmother in North Carolina or overseas to different places that looked postcard ready.

My dad didn't really care about playing the carnival games that wrapped all around the festival site or getting any grub from the vendors, though I did.. The strawberry shortcake was my favorite. He went to see the performers, and this year one of his favorites was going to perform. I remember my dad rushing to pick a seat for himself, and me. It hadn't gotten crowded yet, and the band was finishing up a sound check.

My momma was checking out all the vendors, and cool stuff to buy, and take home. She never really liked the music because it reminded her of where she didn't want to be, back home shucking corn, filling buckets with water, and feeding the animals. She hated that, and moved as far away as she could when she married her high school sweetheart.

I glanced at the stage, and I remember seeing a man with some silver around his temples. He had a colorful shirt on and a smirky type smile. He seemed so happy to be there as he looked out towards the seated crowd that was patiently waiting. He said something, but I can't recall. What I do remember is when he opened his mouth this beautiful sound came out, just like in my daddy's records. I tugged at my dad, and said hey, he sounds just like the man on your records.

He just smiled, and hugged my shoulders.

I looked again at the man on the stage, who sounded a lot like the man in my daddy's records except he didn't have golden brown hair, was not as thin, and looked older than the person on the album cover. So, I closed my eyes, and just listened. I wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaking the voice with someone else's. "And I get stoned on your love all the time.."

It was him! It was George Jones! I couldn't believe it. I always thought the people in my daddy's record collection were mythical beings that only existed on the record player or on TV.

I was wrong.. George Jones was there in the flesh, and sounding even better than his records.

No auto tune, or snap tracks just George. His voice was more than enough.


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