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George Jones: I've Aged 20 Years In Five

Updated: May 22, 2023

It's almost impossible to choose a favorite George Jones album.

And even harder to single out one song above the rest. Whenever I'm asked, I tend to choose a greatest hits collection that encompasses his years w/ Tammy.

But this album "I Am What I Am" released in 1980 had some of George's most heartbreaking, and reflective work. The album came out post Tammy, and pre Nancy, when he was in a pile of it. Booze, drugs, and general nuttiness.

"I Am What I Am" was George's comeback album. He hadn't had a hit in years. "He Stopped Loving Her Today" put George back in the saddle, and introduced his music to a new audience.

One of my favorite songs on there is "I've Aged 20 Years In Five".

Written by Bob Parrish, and Rockabilly star Curtis Gordon. The song encapsulates the consequences of living a honky tonk type of life. I absolutely love this song, and it hits hard especially now that we know what George was going through.

If you don't have "I Am What I Am" I absolutely recommend you get it as it is chock full of good ole fashioned country music!

Meanwhile, give this record a spin.


Artist: George Jones

Album: I Am What I Am

Released: September 1980

Billboard: 7 Status: Platinum




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