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July: The Texas Six Pack

New Country Songs From Texas Area Artists

Featured in this episode: Ryan Bingham, Robert Ray, South Austin Moonlighters, Chris Colston, Season Ammons, Ben Burgess, and Copperhead Jones.


Hi this is Sana, and I’m Anna.

We are the ladies of Stone Cold Country, and this is

the July 2023 Texas Six Pack.

The Texas Six Pack was a feature we created in late 2018 for our Stone Cold Country radio show. Due to the incredible popularity of the segment, in January 2023,we decided to roll it out as a stand alone podcast with new episodes every month.

Well let’s dig in, but first we always like to share some news from the longhorn state. tTexas is getting two new species of grasshoppers. They were recently discovered by researchers in the Lone Star State. They have been named after Texas country music legends Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker. Dubbed Melanoplus nelsoni and Melanoplus walkeri, the famously named grasshoppers were found in Central Texas. How cute!

There is also a new country music show on the horizon!

Texas Hot Country is the name of the show, and focuses on the international popularity of country music with a focus on insider stories of the songs, and the legendary artists, and new artists that are putting country music on the map.

It will be hosted by Leon Beck of Gilley’s fame. Mr. Beck says “Country music is real music. It touches the heart and the soul and often times captures the story of one’s life.” Amen to that. We will keep you posted on when to watch, and how..

Allright, well let’s get things started with one of our Texas faves Robert Ray! His latest Song: Come Back To Me is 61 this week from 72. Hey, that’s great. We spoke to Robert last year. He’s such a sweetheart. That interview is linked in the podcast notes, and you can find it on our website.

Let’s go ahead and hear Robert Ray’s new tune..

@RobertRayMusic a single from his album Country on The Radio which came out in 2021 and is rising on the charts!

Next on deck is Copperhead Jones


Song: Cold Beer & Tight Lines

This so sounds like it could be a Florida song. Copperhead is based in Texas, but I believe this song is about his early years growing up in Florida.

The song is about sailing, fishing and drinking in familiar places and the yearning to go back to those places and good times shared.

Nothing wrong with that at all, let’s hear it..

Season Ammons

Song: Something You Never Had Twitter:@SEASON_AMMONS

Written by Season, this is the latest single from her upcoming album “No Restraint” which comes out on July 21 and is available for pre-save on Apple and Spotify now! Season’s latest music has taken more of a soulful, and bluesy tone. I really like it, and hope Texas radio catches on soon.

And speaking of which, in our show notes, and the corresponding blog post for this podcast, you will find a list of Texas reporting stations. Call them up and request these songs. Let’s hear something you never had..

Chris Colston

Song: Tell It To The Whiskey

Twitter @Chris_Colston_

The song is about a man who tries to drink himself out of a heartbreak, but the whiskey keeps the woman in question drilled into his mind instead.

There is some science behind that.. Yes, I am about to nerd out. Our memories edit themselves believe it or not. We tend to over idealize or glamourize memories making them way better than they actually were.

There have been several studies on this, but the one I’m referencing is from Northwestern University, and published in The Journal of Neuroscience 2012.

So in order to counteract those misleading memories about someone you really shouldn’t be with, just make a list of all the things you don’t like about them, and all the not so great things they did. That will eventually wean you off of that person. The idea is to rid yourself of delusions, but not to become bitter you know... Interesting..

I linked the study in the show notes, and included it in our corresponding Texas Six Pack-July blog postt. Alright, so let’s hear Tell It To The Whiskey..

Next up is Ben Burgess with his latest release The Willie.

That name is familiar.. I think he wrote that song, you know line em up, line em up, line em up.. Whiskey Glasses, that’s the song..

He did, and has cuts with several artists now including Dierks Bentley, and Lil Wayne. The song The Willie is a tribute to the one and only Willie Nelson and a metaphor for a man unable to stay in a consistent, committed relationship. Laughs.. Oh my God, I have like second hand embarrassment with the title of this song.. Lol, let’s hear it..

South Austin Moonlighters


Song: Deltaman

Released: June 16th, 2023

Inspired by the band’s Founder, and bassist Lonnie Trevino’s trips from New Orleans to Austin, this song uses water, and snow, as a metaphor for birth, life and the afterlife. The South Austin Moonlighters don’t sound like everyone out there right now, and we like that. Let’s hear Delta Man.

We are closing out with oscar winning, grammy winning, golden globe award winning, actor, producer, singer, songwriter, indie label CEO, former bull rider, did I leave any titles out?

Lol.. My goodness, a modern day renaissance man. For sure. Of course, I am speaking of Mr. Ryan Bingham who has a vibey new tune titled Where My Wild Things Are.

The song has a great feel to it.. Also, check out our top new country picks the first week of each month as well as our traditional country leaning picks. That podcast is The New Traditional, and you can find it all under #OnTheBrink everywhere BUT, we would especially appreciate it if you listen on Pandora as we are one of a hand-picked few country podcasts on the platform..

Don’t forget to check out the blog on for interesting stories on country music like George Jones 8 heart breaking moments! Oh my gosh, the incident with Waylon..

So sad.. For some reason people think artists are superhuman. At the end of the day, we all have dragons that need to be slayed. That is the absolute truth..

And like we always say stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry!

God bless y’all, and hug somebody today.


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