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Let's Help Texas

This past year has been pure hell on most of us. When did we ever think that the honky tonks would close in Texas. And with COVID-19, the honky tonks and dancehalls did close. And as the state started to gradually reopen their cherished venues they are saddled with yet another unprecedented natural disaster. As y’all know, a vast majority of our listeners are from the great state of Texas. And we wanna make sure that we do our part with presenting only the facts of the current situation plus provide ways that our listening community can help.

Texans are struggling with deathly cold temperatures, water and gasoline shortages, after Winter Storm Uri overloaded the power grid and caused pipes to freeze and burst. According to a recent NPR report millions are still left without power, and dozens have died. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has advised millions of Texans to boil water to fight off possible contamination because of the disruption of water treatment, and several organizations are working to help Texans recover from the impact of the storm.

Let’s help our Texas community in this time of need. We’ve listed several opportunities to get involved below. Please help in any way that you can, including sharing this post across your social media accounts to increase awareness of this emergent situation.

The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program’s (DAIP) is the official government resource for disaster survivor support and service. You can find them here.

Texas Law Help is a legal aid website that also has resources for disaster relief and recovery.

Austin Mutual Aid “Kick the Cold” fundraiser for Austin residents who are stranded in the cold or indoors without food, water or power. You can find them here.

Baby2Baby is a disaster relief program that provides blankets, food, water and clothing to children in need.

You can also find the North Texas and Central Texas Food Banks here and here.


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