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Country & Rap Collaborations- The Latest

Updated: 14 hours ago

Country and hip hop

Just in time for the summer, we have more country and rap collabs to keep our toes tapping in the sand. As referenced in a previous article a couple of months ago, Country & Rap or Hip Hop, if you prefer, are two forms of music that many of us grew up hearing. There was my grandpa, and dad’s music and then there was what everyone else was listening to, which was Hip Hop and Classic Rock. I honestly never thought I would see all the music come together under one genre, but I am happy it has. 

With that being said there are a couple of new collabs I want to share with you, and I anticipate many more as country becomes more mainstream and continues to lean into hip hop, and other genres of music. What this means is that more artists that do not squarely fit in one type of music will have more opportunities to share their magic with the world.

Back in the early 1950’s honky tonk country was the music of the youth much like Hip Hop is today. Hank Williams, and Lefty Frizzell were the kings. Then Hank died, Lefty developed an alcohol problem, and Rock-n-Roll came along. Country music’s heyday would have continued, if Elvis was embraced into the fold, but he wasn’t, and the opportunity was missed.

I love history. We can learn so much from the past, if we are inclined to do so.. Here are a couple of recent collaborations I wanted to make you aware of. Give them a listen as you might find that you really like one or all. Music is such an immeasurable gift and can unite us in ways that very few things can.


Feels Right (I Love It) [Sundress Season]

Flo Rida, Brian Kelley, MC4D

Feels Right (I Love It) [Sundress Season]

Side note: Brian Kelley has a new country single. Check it out here.



Moneybagg Yo Featuring Morgan Wallen


Stream here

Side note: July 4th, 2024, release date for the new Morgan Wallen song Lies, Lies, Lies. Stream here


9 To 5

Pitbull, Dolly Parton

Powerful Women

Steam Powerful Women here


Eminem, Featuring Jelly Roll

Song For The Moment

Live From Detroit

Michigan Central Station,

June 6, 2024

Jelly Roll sounds a little nervous...

Side note: Eminem's latest single Houdini debuted at #1 on 10 charts. Stream it here.


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Jun 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I grew up listening to Aerosmith then they did a song with Run D Mc and that turned me on to rap. Good article.

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