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Morgan Wallen Is Hit With A Boot, BeBe w/ a Phone..

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

How we can promote safety onstage and online..

Especially recently, we are seeing a dangerous trend emerging within various entertainment industries - fans throwing objects at performers during live events, putting the safety and well-being of these artists at risk. This alarming behavior has gained attention due to its less than desirable consequences for both the performers and fans.

Performers have to feel safe during their concerts, and are already faced with mounting responsibilities to put on a great show. They should not have to worry about someone throwing objects that can potentially injure them or others. Not all of these instances are malicious. Some really are just misguided people trying to get the attention of their favorite artists. We want to take a deeper dive on what is going on, some of the consequences, and what we can all do to dissuade this type of behavior in our music communities.

Understanding Why This Is Not Cool..

It seems that some fans have taken their enthusiasm a little too far, turning concerts and performances into dangerous minefields. The disturbing trend of fans throwing objects at performers has been on the rise, posing serious risks to the safety and well-being of those on stage. From beer bottles to boots, the objects hurled from the crowd not only disrupt the show but can cause injury.

When objects fly through the air, aimed at the stage, performers, and expensive equipment become unwitting targets. They risk being hit in the face, head, or even more sensitive areas. Bruises, cuts, and concussions are not uncommon, and in extreme cases, serious injuries can occur. Not to mention, the potential damage to speakers, instruments and other necessary items required in the production of an event/show. Again, I don't think most fans want to cause harm, but it is important to understand that unintended consequences are a reality, and can land a fan an unwanted vacation in the pokey..

Potential Consequences

Being injured by a fan's juvenile antics doesn't just end with physical pain. It can have implications like the artist not being able to finish the show you paid to see with your hard earned money. Some artists will just cut the show short, and leave when belligerent behavior is happening.

When you are impacted as a fan due to someone else's behavior, you will not think its funny. Imagine saving up to see your favorite singer, and he's injured because someone threw something onstage, and is not able to continue performing. That's why we all have a job to do in calling out the bad actors when we see them. The unintended consequences go far beyond the immediate incident, not to mention that you can get banned from the venue, and or from the artist's shows when you throw things or act belligerent.. I've seen this happen in sports quite a bit.

The dangers of misguided fandom

Misguided fandom can blind fans to the potential harm they may cause. They may believe that their actions are harmless or even part of the excitement, failing to consider the potential risks for both performers and themselves. It's crucial to remind people that their idols are human beings with feelings, and their safety should never be compromised for a fleeting moment of excitement.

Artists are getting fed up with the unruly behavior of some fans. Even one of my personal faves Adele had to call out the recent spike in bad behavior warning people that she will deal with them handidly, if anything is ever thrown at her.

Adele has the highest charting album of all time with 21. It spent a total of twenty four weeks at number one on Billboard's All Genre 200 Album Chart. Here's a pop turned country hit Adele charted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart with Chris Stapleton.

High-profile incidents: Examining notable examples and their consequences

One of the most alarming fan spurred incidents happened in June 2023, when Grammy nominated Pop singer BeBe Rexha was hit on the face with a phone.

The fan said he was participating in a TikTok trend, and thought it would be fun. However, information shared in this video contradict that assertion. He was arrested on felony assault charges, and adjudication is pending. Just to provide clarity on the severity of the crime, the defendant could receive a minimum of two years in state prison, and a maximum of 25 years depending on whether it's an A, B or D level assault charge.

The singer was rushed to the hospital, and had to get multiple stitches as the phone hit her right over her left eye. BeBe topped the country chart with Meant To Be Featuring Florida Georgia Line in 2017. It was a colossal hit even reaching diamond status. BeBe has reached platinum status 16+ times throughout her career with a combination of solo projects, and collaborations.

BeBe Rexha


Kelsea Ballerini

Unfortunately, the Grand Ole Opry member Kelsea Ballerini also experienced getting hit in the face during a show. This time around it was by an airborne friendship bracelet. Fortunately, Kelsea was not harmed, but she did have to stop the show to regroup. Unfair to well-behaved fans enjoying the show, and to Kelsea who was just trying to put on a great performance for her fans..

That's why it is important to call the behavior out when you see it. Venue management made an official statement at the concert concerning acceptable behavior, and safety expectations. When Kelsea returned, she also addressed the importance of feeling safe, and directed fans to reach out to security if at any point they felt unsafe.

There have been several country artists that have had heated confrontations with fans due to obnoxious behavior during their shows. Country Cast did a great job in putting together a short compilation of some of the better know scuffles.

It seems that unruly behavior is not just a U.S. thing as Morgan Wallen found out.

The chart topping country singer was playing a show in Melbourne, Australia when a concert attendee threw a cup of beer at Morgan. Wallen pressed on, and finished the song, but circled back to the area where the thrown drink came from. Suffice to say, when the group was threatened with expulsion from the concert, they gave up who the actual culprit was, and that person was thrown out. As expensive as concert tickets are nowadays, getting yourself thrown out of a sold out show was not the smartest move.. Here's the video clip of the incident courtesy of Country Jukebox.

There was also an incident where someone threw a boot at Morgan while he was signing autographs after a concert. Morgan threw the boot in the opposite direction meaning that person probably had to go home with one boot! That is probably not the result the person had intended..

Venue and event security measures: Enhancing precautions and preventing future incidents

When it comes to ensuring the safety of performers and attendees, beefing up physical security measures is of utmost importance. This means implementing stricter bag checks, metal detectors, and surveillance systems at venues. Additionally, hiring well-trained and vigilant security personnel who can detect and diffuse potential threats is crucial.

Managing large crowds effectively can significantly reduce the chances of dangerous incidents. Event organizers should invest in comprehensive crowd management strategies that consider factors like crowd density, and flow.

Creating a collaborative relationship between venues and event organizers is essential for establishing a safe environment.

Best practices and the development of comprehensive safety protocols is key.

By working together, these entities can ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to protect performers and fans. The venue, and artists should be very clear about what will not be tolerated at shows by posting it on their website or in the purchase details at point of sale.

Equally important is empowering concert attendees by making them aware of what they should do, if they see or hear something out of the ordinary. This is probably one of the most effective things that can be done as performers can't be everywhere, and the security team cannot as well. Creating a fan culture that acts more like family and cares about the safety of one another is sometimes even better than hiring an extra set of eyes.

Addressing the role of social media: Amplifying fan behavior and the need for responsible online communities

The impact of social media on fan behavior

Social media has revolutionized the way fans interact with performers, but it also has its downsides. The anonymity and distance provided by online platforms can sometimes embolden fans to engage in harmful behaviors. It's important to recognize and address this issue to promote a healthier fan culture.

Creating responsible online communities

Promoting responsible online behavior starts with clear communication to fans on what is okay, and what is not. Moderating fan groups and online communities via an admin or social media manager can help prevent the spread of content that encourages bad behavior at concerts. Make it easy to have encouraging positive discussions. Share what was the best moment in the concert, and or ask what song wasn't played that fans would like to hear. Make it a point to share messages of safety and respect, it can create a culture where dangerous behavior is not tolerated. Imagine one day that fans can be known for the way they care, and act towards each other..

Education and awareness campaigns: Promoting responsible fandom and discouraging dangerous behavior

Implementing educational programs for fans

Education is key in shaping responsible fandom. Implementing educational programs that highlight the importance of respecting performers, the consequences of dangerous behavior, and the value of a safe fan community can go a long way in preventing incidents. These programs can be conducted at events, schools, or even through online platforms. And honestly, it does not have to be really detailed. Just a short video on acting peaceably is more than enough. You would think this is all common sense, but sense is not common these days, and therefore it is important for everyone to do their part.

Media campaigns can be a powerful tool too when it comes to raising awareness about the dangers of throwing objects at performers, and other unruly behavior..

By highlighting real-life incidents, sharing testimonials from artists, and emphasizing the need for a safe environment, these campaigns can encourage fans to think twice before engaging in potentially harmful actions.

Collaboration between artists, performers, and their fans

Artists and performers have a unique connection with their fans. By openly discussing the issue of dangerous behavior and promoting a safe environment, they can influence their fan base positively. Encouraging open dialogue, setting expectations for fan behavior, and leading by example can contribute to a culture where the safety of performers is paramount.

The incidents of fans throwing objects and hurting performers are not to be taken lightly. It is a dangerous trend that jeopardizes the safety and well-being of artists who bring joy to our lives. Recognizing the gravity of the issue is the first step towards finding/creating solutions.

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