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The Great Eight: George Jones, Dolly, George Strait, and More..

Updated: May 20


Country music can be one of the most heart-felt, and effective elixirs to soothe your soul. It should not be any wonder that some of our artists have risen to heights never touched before by any other living breathing mortals. Yes, country music transcends, and can make all the difference between a breakup or a meltdown. Sometimes, just hearing George say I know someday my day will come can provide the necessary fuel to continue on.

Country music’s broad, and enduring success reminds me of the old adage that the cream always rises to the top. That’s undoubtedly what we found, to no surprise when we looked at some of the impressive feats some of our top country artists have accomplished. We thought it might be fun to choose eight that have been either the first to create a new standard or surpassed a previously established attainment. Regardless, these are meritorious gains that continue to raise the bar for those seeking to partake in the spoils, and ultimately wear the crown.


Well you know Waylon Jennings had to be on here somehow. He was the original outlaw that did things his way, and made it on his own terms. Firstly, It is indeed a fact that the album Wanted! The Outlaws was the first country album certified platinum. Noone thought it was possible, but Hoss showed everyone otherwise. Amazing what happens when artists are allowed to create, record, and perform the music they hear in their hearts. Moving forward from 1970’s vinyl to digital, Waylon also has the only country music ringtone to sell over 1 million. Can you guess the song? If you guessed it was the theme from The Dukes of Hazzard then you are right!




I know It’s crazy, but Patsy Cline holds the Guinness record for the longest charting country album.. Patsy Cline 12 Greatest Hits spent almost five years at number one on the Country Album Catalog Chart. Patsy Cline is also the first female country artist to earn a double platinum album certification. The album eventually reached diamond status. Patsy was also the first female country artist to headline in Las Vegas!


And of course Reba would also make it on this list like her top influence Patsy. Reba has earned a whopping 19 platinum albums, and is the most successful female artist according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Add 23 gold records, and 9 multi platinum records, and you’ll start to understand why. She is also the Female Country artist with the most platinum records to date.


Johnny Cash, The Man In Black’s life was tragic, compelling, awe-inspiring, and larger than life! Of course, a movie about his life would be just as grand. Johnny holds the record for the most successful country music biopic ever. On its opening weekend, “I Walk The Line” grossed over 22 Million Dollars! The movie was inspired by Johnny Cash’s Man in Black: His Own Story in His Own Words and 1997's Cash: The Autobiography.

The movie was not only a box office success, but also received overwhelming support from the movie industry. Joaquin Phoenix was awarded a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Johnny Cash. Additionally, Reese Witherspoon was awarded an Academy Award for her portrayal of June Carter.



The small town girl with the eyes, and voice of an angel. I’m talking about Alison Kraus who started her professional recording career at the age of 14. She has been very successful in her career as part of Union Station, and as a solo artist.

The soft spoken, and somewhat shy Alison could not stop crying when she met one of her idols Dolly Parton. You may not know this, but Alison has won more Grammys than any other artist in country music. Her wins encompass country, bluegrass, and even pop. With 27 wins, she has even surpassed her idols. She is also the second highest female grammy awardee in ANY genre. ❤️



George Jones IS Mr. Country Music. The Possum still holds the Guiness Record (No, not that Guiness).. Lol, He holds the male record for charting hits in seven consecutive decades starting from 1955. There is a reason why he is considered to be the greatest country singer of all-time. Dolly holds the same record as his female counterpart.



Dolly also holds the record for most No.1 hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist 25, and the most hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist totaling 109 hits! She is also the wealthiest female country artist registering in at a whopping $650 Million!



George Strait, affectionately known as the King of Country has one of the most successful, and enduring careers ever. The list of Guiness Book World Records that George has earned are awe-inspiring to say the least.

Here we go:


  • The Most Number Ones (Country Album Chart)

  • The Most Consecutive Top Ten Hits (Hot Country Song Chart)

  • Highest Grossing Country Music Tour Per Show

  • Most Platinum Records by a Country Artist

  • Most Number Ones on the Country Song Chart

  • Most Country Music Association (CMA) awards won


And these, my friends, are the great eight. It is extremely encouraging to see that the majority of these artists sing/sang traditional leaning country music. With so many amazingly talented performers in country music, I wonder what new records will be set in the years to come? Stay tuned..


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