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Morgan Wallen Has Done It Again..

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Another record broken

Yes he has as Morgan's most recent album release One Thing At A Time

has broken a 30 year long record! Billy Ray Cyrus held the record previously with his breakthrough debut album Some Gave All. Billy Ray's album was really catapulted by his only solo number one hit Achy Breaky Heart. The album was certified platinum nine times. Just to be clear, the record we are speaking of is the longest Billboard 200 run at number one for a Billboard charted country album.

The Billboard 200 is the all genre chart where artists like Drake, Bad Bunny, and SZA are usually found. It is rare for a country album to top Billboard's all genre chart. Additionally, One Thing At A Time has the most consecutive weeks at number one since the Titanic's movie soundtrack. (I ❤️ that movie.) Morgan's latest album debuted at number one in the all genre Billboard 200 chart, and has held the top slot for twelve weeks, and counting..

Morgan also became the first artist in Billboard's history to chart three top ten singles simultaneously in the Country Airplay chart, and is the artist with the most weeks at number one for the 2020 decade era. I hope the information is submitted to the Guinness Book Of World Records as most country artists never break a Guinness record, and such epic feats should be properly chronicled.

A good example of country music not being properly documented is Patsy Montana. She was the first female singer to sell a million copies. The song was I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart, yet there is not a mention in the Guinness Book Of World Records of this incredible accomplishment.

Morgan Wallen's success is a game changer as his last two albums including the bonus tracks had over thirty songs on each. The standard is between 10-12 songs per album, which has led some in the industry to say that Morgan is making everyone work even harder lol.. In a recent interview, Jason Aldean chimed in on the general sentiment these days.

About the only person in today's country music that is within sparring distance is Luke Combs. It's important to note that Morgan did not have the straight out of the gate success that Luke Combs had. Luke's first three albums topped the Billboard Country charts, and his first thirteen singles went straight to number one.

He was also able to parlay his success into other ventures like his X Crocs line. Morgan Wallen is starting to expand too with a Sweet Tea offering through Ryl Tea. Apparently, it was sold-out the same day it was available. The tea is a throwback to his childhood summers in East Tennessee and should be available soon at Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Shoprite, Brookshire Grocers, Reasors, Gopuff and Sprouts Farmers Market.

Morgan Wallen tea
Morgan Wallen's Sweet Tea line

Morgan Wallen is currently on doctor ordered vocal rest, and based on recent posts has spent his down time with his adorable son, and fishing. He will be hitting the road on June 22, 2023. His first show back will be at the world famous Wrigley Field in Chicago, where he'll delight fans for two days.

Dates in the U.K. are scheduled for December. Morgan has accomplished quite a bit in such a short time. Right now, he holds all the top spots across Billboard country charts. Additionally, Morgan has earned 29 platinum sellers including albums, and collaborations. Morgan Wallen's success is extraordinary. Wishing Morgan a great rest of the tour, and keep your head up.


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He deserves every bit of success. He's earned it!

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